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Registering product code.
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This a copy of the support ticket I sent to customer sales a few days ago. I am still waiting for an answer. I sent it after I had contacted tech support, who gave me rubbish "help".

Hello,Before this is not a tech. question.I had to reinstall PowerDVD, on my laptop which crashed a short time ago. Every time I run the program it tries to register via the internet. However it returns the message that it couldn’t register, and to connect my internet connection. There is no problem with my internet. I checked it with my I.S.P. and the local phone company, who verified it was OK. I was asked to send grab of product key area where I entered it, They also asked fore the error messages. I sent three. I The last I have just seen the latest reply, which suggested I try other things. Why should I have fix the problem end ! It could be a problem your end! I purchased the program thinking I could be able to use it straight after installing, which I have been able to in the past. What your tech department is asking me to do is what they asked me to do with Power2go, which kept stopping as soon as it finished one job. It even stopped during writing a disc, I lost many discs because of that program. . I was told to install the latest patch. That returned an error message from that saying I didn't have the correct version of the already installed Power2Go. In the end I gave up in the end. Now there is this problem with PowerDVD 15. I am long time disabled and cannot afford to waste money on programs that cease to work. It might be a purchase made last year. If I buy a washing machine and it breaks down I can get it repaired or exchanged if it can't be repaired, under the manufacture’s one year guarantee . I don’t have do things myself, which I wouldn't understand anyway, to it to make it work again, and why should I?The last support ticket id is, Ticket ID: CS001699743Can you find someone who can help?Your support system is useless, Every time I reply I have to explain the problem again and again.............

What's the point of support?

If there was some way of warning prospective customers I would warn someone off.

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