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Joined: 15/12/2008 19:52:25
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I'm trying to install Powerdirector portion of Cyberlink DVD suite. I had the trial version installed when I tried to install the suite. I received the following error: "Error!! The product definitation file lost."

I tried uninstalling the trial version and I get the same message. The main reason I bought the suite was for Powerdirector and right now I can't use it. Any help would be appriciated.


Joined: 21/12/2006 08:21:55
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I have had the same problem. I restored my computer to the date prior to installing the trial version. That took care of the definition problem. Now I have an error message on the Power Director portion saying that a file is missing "trialmgr.exe". The trial version worked just fine. I have redownloaded the purchased program twice to no avail. I saw that this problem has been reviewed by Cyberlink and I needed to contact support. 2 days later and still no answer. I really need to get some work on myvideos done. HELP!


Joined: 02/01/2009 18:49:19
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hi, I got the same problem, just wonder anyone get the reply yet? how to remove or uninstall them completely manually?


Joined: 21/01/2007 00:38:54
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I had the same problem which throught trail and error managed to solve and I am now using power Director 7 happly. This is what I did:-
1 I unistall all cyberlink products from my computor including Photo now.
2 I deleted all reistry entries pertaing to cyberlink softeware,
3 I deleted all file and floder in C drive.
Finally I reinstalled pwoer director and the rest of the cyberlink software I deleted in step one

I hope some of you out there will find this helpful.


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Hi James,

You cannot install the PowerDirector component only, from DVD Suite, it is necessary to install the complete suite then uninstall the items not required


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Joined: 28/06/2009 20:24:24
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I get the error when I'm trying to UNINSTALL the program... so, what do I do?


Joined: 27/05/2009 09:27:30
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I am currently using PD V7. While working on a project I recieved an "operation failed" error. I can't update the timeline with any information without reciveing the above error.

I try uninstalling the program however it will not allow me to. When attempted I recieve "Product Definition File is lost".


Joined: 07/08/2011 01:43:55
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This is the same problem I'm having... How did you all solve it? None of the suggestions above helped.
I have tried every suggestion on the net.
I can't believe this has been going on for 4 or 5 years.

I'm using PD V9
I paid for this software and I shouldn't have these problems.


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Please can you put a name on your post.

No named posts are removed by the moderator.

Also, try posting this as a new topic on the PD9 forum page as this page is for PD8 and previous versions.

Good luck

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