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Scene Detection with HDV  XML
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Hi all

I recently tried to capture some High Definition Video using Power Director 7. I chose the setting which should have detected scenes during capture and save them as separate files. My one hour of video was saved as four files, each of which contained several scenes (which remained undetected). In the edit mode I was unable to further detect these scenes. So editing became quite a chore.

I then tried another tape, this time using the trial version of PD 7. This time it just captured the entire tape, with no scene detection, even though I used the same settings.

PD7 works fine for me using standard definition video, but not HD. Is there something I am doing wrongly, or is it a problem with the program? (I noticed with Adobe Premiere Elements that HDV can only be detected using content changes, not by time code. Is it the same for PD7?)

If I just capture the entire HDV tape (using the no scene detection option) is there a setting I can use to subsequently detect the scenes?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dafydd Bevan - SoftDeko

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Timecode detection is for MiniDV.

Open PD
Place HDV video into Media Library
Right Click on the video and select Detect Scenes
Next use the Scene Detection window


For more information click the links given here:
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Image Editor = One that makes transparent background PNG files is a "must have".
Gif Animation = Creating and converting an animation can give one's video a little "edge".
Check out PowerDVD, PhotoDirector, ColorDirector, AudioDirector & MediaShow
I use the Pixelan plug-ins, (*5) with PowerDirector 12 Click here to visit Pixelan Software.
Started with 8mm splice editing and B&W still image darkroom photography.
Honesty disclosure: CyberLink have provided me their software products at no charge.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. I followed your advice and the Scene Detection worked well with my HDV.

However, I then had a problem when I tried to use the Multi-Trim function to edit the scenes. For all except the first scene the Play option wouldn’t work properly. I finally found a way around this, and I thought I should share it in case others are having the same problem.

I found that if I played just the first few seconds at fast forward speed, then clicked the stop button, it would then play at normal speed so editing could proceed as normal.

So, click on the scene you want to trim.

Click Multi-Trim.

Click the fast forward button, then almost immediately, click the stop button.

You can then use the Play/Pause buttons to find the places to set your Mark-ins and Mark-outs.


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