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background noise in voice over recording
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my operating system is vista home premium and my movie producer/editor is PD7. I purchasded a logitech USB desktop microphone for VO recording. When I record and play back I get a hissing sound. When I record I turn off the computer speakers, the overhead fan in the room and the air conditioning. I don't get the hissing noise when I first enter the VO room. It starts when I click the record button. After recording I get the hissing sound. If I turn off the mic the hissing continues. If I unplug the mic the hissing stops. If I plug it back in the hissing noise returns. I tried plugging the mic into different USB plugs with no change. If I exit the VO room the hissing stops. If I return to the VO room there is no hissing until I click the record buttom. What can I do to eliminate the hissing sound?........alan todd
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Yes, you are correct. I'm not happy with the audio/mic capability in PD7 and until the issue is resolved I don't use that particular feature. I'm hopeful it will be fixed soon.

I record my voice overs in an audio editor (free) and bring that in afterwards. I've actually found it better to do that as I play PD7 and record with the audio editing program at the same time. This allows me to hear what action is taking place in the video while recording a seperate audio file of the voice over. Works for me.

I've sent you a PM .

Dafydd Honesty disclosure: CyberLink have provided me their software products at no charge.
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