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Hello everyone! I have just purchased a new high-falutin' computer and I am waiting for the install of PD 10 ultra.

Meanwhile, I have a question: Is there a way in PowerDirector 10 to remove the fisheye effect that one gets with the GoPro Hero 2 camera?

Um, if so, what is it?

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PD10 does not offer a way of correcting lens distortion such as fish eye. However, NewBlueFX is available as a plug-in (for a fee) for PD10. You can find it by selecting the EFFECTS tab in EDIT.

I have not tested any of these plug-ins in detail and if you browse the forum the experience with it is limited. It works quite well in other video editors however.

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You can try setting your camera at the narrow FOV options.

Bubba in TX

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FOV= Field Of View... not everyone knows that....

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When you are asked to provide a DXDIAG you go the following link and do part "B". Your posted specs are NOT what we are looking for as they tell us nothing. The specs on the box of your computer mean nothing. The DXDIAG shows us how your computer is configured as it runs.


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Bubba in TX wrote:FOV= Field Of View... not everyone knows that....

Thank you for pointing that out as we sometimes talk in jargon and forget that not everyone understands. In this case it is labeled FOV on the GoPro in the settings. Still, knowing what it means can help understanding how to adjust it.
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