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PowerDVD 11 known problems
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Hello PowerDVD 11 User,

we always try to provide the best experience in our Software, unfortunately it can happen that some issues are left over in an official release - so please check this list of known and confirmed issues before posting to the Forum.

Please make sure to have installed WMP components - espcially on Windows "N" Version you need to manually install those components

[PowerDVD 11 v2211]

[001] [solved v1719] PowerDVD can not start-up on some specific platforms
[002] [solved v1719] Remote Control fails in CM and MCE plug-in
[003] [solved v1719] Keyboard Multimedia Buttons fail
[004] [fixed in v2024] Screencapture page lost settings
[005] [fixed in v2024] Mouse control settings lost settings
[006] [solved v1719] Dolby Headphone misses settings
[007] [solved v1719] ATI Cross-Fire setup prevent PowerDVD to start-up
[008] [fixed in v2024] Can not playback non SRT Subtitles for non standard languages
[009] [fixed in v2024] MKV audio stream lost name
[010] [fixed in v2024] MKV subtitle lost name
[011] [solved v1719] TT-surround settings lost settings
[012] [solved v1719] File association is not stored
[013] [fixed in v2024] PDVD does not support portrait mode display
[014] [fixed in v2024] Chinese characters when use not supported OS language
[015] [fixed in v2024] MKV with MPEG-2 has artefact issue
[016] [fixed in v2024] Music EQ settings are lost when close PDVD
[017] [fixed in v2024] MCE DVD-menu can't close using RC6 (workaround: use "Clear" button on RC)
[018] [fixed in v2024] in MCE plug-in the pop up menu can not open until move mouse
[019] [fixed v2608] PDVD can not activate 3D on some platform with ATI/AMD Graphics adaptor
[020] [fixed v2608] BD Region can not change when have installed AVAST Free AV
[021] [fixed v2608] Can not enable 3D in some environments with HDMI 1.4 devices
[022] [fixed in v2024] RC skips two chapters on some configurations
[023] [fixed in v2024] some platform show black rectangle when playback BD [Install WMP will fix it]
[024] ISO playback fails - PLEASE SEE FAQ FAQ
[025] [fixed in v2024] when change location of BD-J folder management fails
[026] [will fix] MKV subtitles not displayed correctly in two lines [random issue]
[027] [fixed in v2024] cannot enable CUDA on specific NVIDIA VGA
[028] [fixed in v2024] BD DXVA is disabled when cancel setting's Information page
[029] [fixed in v2024] cannot enable HD audio in Cinema-Mode
[030] [fixed in v2024]Volume control behaviour not consistent for BD and DVD [+/- 2% or 10%]
[031] [investigating] TT-Stretch can not work for file playback
[032] [fixed in v2024] M2TS File-playback can not use HBR Bitstream
[033] [EXTERNAL ISSUE] high CPU load on one Core while AVATAR BD playback on Core2Duo CPU
[034] [fixed in v2024] Can not manage BD-Live content when default folder is moved
[035] [external investigating] Optimus platform can not switch GPUs
[036] [fixed in v2024] WMA lossless does not show up in audio module under XP
[037] [fixed v2329] MCE plug-in can not call up DVD menu when use BD-J Blu-ray
[038] [fixed] Dolby downmix can not enabled sometimes
[039] [fixed n v2114] Can not playback BD "Star Wars", "X-Men First Class" "Rio", [all from FOX]
[040] [same as #33] High CPU load on one CPU core when playback "Star Wars" BD
[041] [design] DLNA can not show empty folder
[042] [fixed v2329] Upgrade message for DTS and DVD-Audio
[043] [fixed v2211] sometimes blocky picture when playback latest FOX titles
[044] [fixed v2329] pgDn & pgUp for time seek fail
[045] [fixed v2329] Android/iPhone remote can not find PowerDVD 11 in some environment
[046] [investigating] DVDFab Movie only ISO can not resume in MCE plug-in
[047] [investigating] MKV has subtitle on as default

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