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Powerdirector 9 Burning Error code: e 80004005
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Working all day on this..then it refuses to burn..the files are there..I have tried 2 burners. I don't know what to do but an very late and VERY FRUSTRATED! What is this code?! Powerdirector 9 Error code: e 80004005
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Do you have a virus or instant messaging running?
There is already a post concerning this problem. Click on the link.;jsessionid=39157BE59E41FAFFBCC911B80E166424 Windows 8 Pro 64bit
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No I don't. I have a fairly powerful Dell. Of course I have Norton running as it always is but it has not interfered before. I tried to look up this error code here but found nothing. Search produced no answer.
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That post was from 2007 by the way. It's 4 years later.
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Any solution to this (besides the previous 4-year old reference). I'm getting this error too. No instant messenger running. Turned off virus-protection and I'm still getting the error.

Any more insight?
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Hello Willie and Markie. Some of the pros use the Burn To Folder option and then use other software to actually burn their DVDs or BDs. A couple of thoughts: deselect hardware acceleration in the options. Also, some have reported resolving this error by reducing their burn speeds. Also, make sure that your DVDs or BDs are "virgin." It seems that PD "marks" a disk at some point early in the Authoring process and although the disk doesn't look touched and really shouldn't have been since the Burning process had not started, PD won't burn successfully to that disk.

A dxdiag file and some details about your project would be helpful, including screenshot(s) per the pinned message at the top of the forum, if my suggestions above do not solve your problem. This information should enable the pros to help you resolve your problem. We're all here to help you get up and running.

Hope this helps. Have a great day.

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Please provide the system basics for us to be able to help. See the first page of this forum, item 4 from the top. Your DXdiag is a must at this point and deatil on what it is that you are trying to do. Win 10, i7
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Google the error message reveals a"lot" regarding e80004005.

E80004005:Unspecified Error

You'll need to look at the project's media content to see if you have items in there which are causing the problem.

The Burn to Folder is a good action to take - proves the project is convertible. You may also opt to Produce the contents and then bring the resulting video back in to finalise the burn to disc. This methods separates the process or render and create to disc, lessening the strain on your system and if a failure to render occurs you can examine the content of the project.

Likely to be content related.

Another option is to slow the speed of your burner which Jeff and Robert W have advocated in the past.

HDedit has requested a Diagnostic - a must have from those with problems, I also would like a screenshot to show us the project content - 2 very important bits of data needed by editors. Helps us, help you.


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