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This movie is copyright protected. Recording is prohibited.
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PowerDirector 8 This movie is copyright protected. Recording is prohibited.

First of all a warm thankyou to PD technical support who did not even acknowledge my plea for help which I sent last week.

I seem to have found a solution to this problem by accident, no thanks to them.

I was getting the above error message at random points. Infuriating as I bought this software thinking it was more or less point and shoot as I'm not a wizz on the PC. I have about twenty VHS tapes of 3/4 hour length which I want to transfer to discs. These are straightforward store purchased blank tapes by Memorex TDK etc onto which I have transfered home made films taken on camcorder of my kids and family over the years.

Researching the problem on the net I discovered that the error is caused by 'noise' or whatever on the tape which is picked up by PD and misinterpreted as copyright protection. To say I was frustrated by this glitch is putting it mildly. My PC is in use during the day and my plan was to set it up to tape at night when we were all in bed. It became a guessing game when I came down in the mornings wondering how long it had managed to tape before saving the universe and switching itself off.

Ok so here's what seems to work for me.

When the dreaded error box appears save it. Rewind your tape to the point at which it stopped. Click on the PD record button without doing anything else. Recording begins again but you will notice that the 'Counters' on the PD screen will not be moving (Recorded video length, and the counters next to the pie graph of disc space).

At first when I restarted recording and noticed that these counters were not running I thought that the programme was not operating so I closed PD down and started again. This simply caused the error to occur again. In fact it was recording all the time!

I have copied 8 tapes over the past few days and it has not stopped due to the copyright error once!

Good luck!

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Guys, I just bought Power Director 10 from Tiger Direct and experienced the same stupid Copy Right problem with their software. Was about to return it to the shop.

But, I found a software Golden Videos - capture VHS to DVS. It is free - and it works like a charm with the Kworld video capture device that came in the box of the Power Director.

Just download this:

Now am on my way to transferring all my old vhs to files.

btw. I work with software developers constantly and Cyber Link must fix this issue. It is a P1 Issue, no excuse, so Mr. Scooter am with you and disagree with all other interpretation and escape route for them.

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I bought a videograbber recently which I wanted to use to convert all my old VHS home video's to digital.
The software that came with the device is Cyberlink PowerDirector 8.
So after installing it and setting up everything, first i was struggling with getting the sound to work.
Even now, the sound only works half the time when i start recording. I guess this could be the device and not the software.
But then I started seeing the error mentioned by Gazfaz. I was flabbergasted, since these were home video's and no copyright on them as far as I know.
Apart from the fact that Cyberlink has not even bothered to address this problem, the solution given by Fazgaz doesn't seem to work for me.
The software mentioned by Chris doesn't have any sound, since it doesn't detect the audio channel provided by USB capture device.
I finally found AVS capture software and it works like a charm.
If I had bought this sh*tty software then I would have been really upset, but since it came free (geez, i wonder why) I don't really care and I found another way to use my capture device.
Thanks for nothing Cyberlink.

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I do agree with you Speingz ... I have spend lots of money with Cyberlink and so many thing , just will not work. I do have Power Director 13 and no better ... can not capture my VHS ,,,, and the program call ProDad whic was supposed to come with what I have bought " I have the key for it is wothless caus I can not insert the software key.
What is the problem ?????
I know , they do not care .......
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Looks like a lot of SPAM here !

The forum is intended to help people use the software correctly; not to make them feel that they made a mistake.

Got any positive hints? Do you use the Cyberlink software?

The copyright errors are due to poor quality tapes or poor tracking.

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To posters who ask for help -- it is nice to thank the volunteers who try to answer your questions !
Anything I post unless stated with a reference is my personal opinion.
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Ya sure .....
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SteveK, This is NOT spam! These people are GENUINELY frustrated by their being unable to transfer their old VHS home movie content to computer for editing and transfer to DVD. I know exactly how they feel as I've encountered the same problem while still using PD7. Recently I upgraded to PD8 and, admittedly haven't tried it yet, but I know what happens when PD misinterprets noise or whatever on the tape as a copyright protection function, which, on home-recorded VHS tapes, would CERTAINLY not exist, So SteveK, don't be so damned dismissive of these people by calling their cries for help "spam"! Either give them the help they require, or if you can't help, then pass the questions on to someone who CAN assist.

I make no apologies for taking you to task on this, you nrrd to be pulled down a peg or two!

In anger, Neil Forbes.
Dafydd B
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The issue of "copyright protected" home recorded VHS tapes has been dealt with many times on the PowerDirector forums. The actual issue started occurring when the copyright protected addition was made to PowerDirector from about version 5 onwards. Before that PowerDirector didn't throw up the message and prevent VHS capture.

The "copyright protected" incident is triggered by the tape being poorly recorded with gaps and video noise occurring on the tape. Often when a a user has left a gap between recordings or the tape has been used multiple times the noise (speckledy grey interference) happens. The video noise is similar to what is used by copyright protected commercially made VHS tapes and that is the crux of the issue.

The next thing is "How to circumvent the issue of Home/camera copyright protected tapes"?
1. Record without crossing the gaps between recordings, stop early, requires close monitoring.
2. Opt to use a different software and bring the captured video back into PowerDirector to edit.
The software that does this is Microsoft's Movie Maker and it's free. I have made the same suggestion on other forums to get around the issue.

I'm locking this thread as it has been resurrected and if there are further questions on this subject, please start a new topic.


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Honesty disclosure: CyberLink have provided me their software products at no charge.
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