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All of my projects are GONE
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stellalugosi [Avatar]
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After the update on 09/14/2022, I discovered that ALL of my project files are gone. Every single one.

If I click on "File > Open Project" and navigate to the default PowerDirector folder where all of my projects have always been stored, it is completely empty.

If I try to search for PDS files on my hard drive, I get nothing.

If I click "Open Recent Projects" I can open those projects, but this in only the most recent things I have worked on, and still NONE of them show up in the default PowerDirector folder.

I can't get onto the Cyberlink Cloud to see if anything is there, it says I can't connect to the internet, which makes no sense because... well, here I am on the internet.

I did not move these files, I did not delete these files, I did not hide these files. I assure you I saved them correctly, the only thing that changed is the PD update. I am beyond frustrated and depressed, this is catastrophic.
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Did you choose keeping the data when updating?

BTW, My Projects has been moved to Media Room as attachment.
[Thumb - MyProjects.png]
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keithwjones [Avatar]
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My projects appeared to have gone but it was just on the update the app used a different location so I got them back in.

Also clicking on My Projects brought them back in as the King indicated.

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