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Switched from AMD card to Nvidia 3080 12GB card. Nvidia card not hardware encoding - Resolution
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Thomas1950 [Avatar]
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I recently added a new Nvidia EVGA 3080 12GB card to my computer. It was replacing an AMD card. PD could not detect the new card and thus there was no hardware encoding available. I reached out to CyberLink CS for help. They were not able to resolve the issue. I finally found a resolution and here it is just in case anyone else is having the same problem. This may work with other Nvidia cards as well.

Go to the AMD website and download the App for removing the AMD video drivers. (simply uninstalling them from Windows doesn't get everything)

Be sure to install the current Nvidia drivers. You can Download the "GeForce Experience" from Nvidia to make this easy. Also please note that Nvidia offers the "Nvidia Studio" driver if you are primarily doing video editing as oppose to gaming.

Then uninstall PowerDirector. Download and re-install PD.

For Windows 10, go to Settings/ System. Then Scroll down to "Graphics settings" and click it. Activate "Graphics-accelerated GPU scheduling". Under "Graphics performance preference" click the box titled "Choose an app to set preference". Select "Desktop app".

Click "Browse" and find the PDR.exe file and click it. (most likely in - Program Files/ CyberLink/ PowerDirector20). PowerDirector 20 should now show in "Graphics settings". Click the PowerDirector icon and an "Options" button will appear. Click it and you should see "GPU: NVIDIA (and whatever card you have). Choose which ever setting you prefer. I chose "High Performance". Click "Save".

If you have the NVIDA Control Panel installed you can follow the same procedure with "Browse" to add it to the "Graphics settings" Window.

Be sure to set Hardware Encoding in PD Settings as well. And now I have hardware encoding with my new Nvidia card.
PowerDirector Moderator [Avatar]
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Thanks for posting your process - I'm sure other folk will find it useful if they hit similar problems.

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JL_JL [Avatar]
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Thomas1950, I switch back and forth often, never have had to do any of those custom settings. It is important if you want to switch one to the other brand cleanly is get everything associated with one versions driver removed, I use DDU (can handle both AMD and/or Nvidia full removal), windows uninstall insufficient.

Depending on specific use, source video format, prior AMD GPU, and why you changed GPU's, one can get a little more performance out of the Nvidia for H.264 encoding if you use the AMD GPU as the hardware decoder. For H.264, often on the order of 15+% faster for simple transcoding parts of timelines. Worked good with RX560/GTX1070 combo as well as RX5700/RTX2070 combo. Since your RTX3080 is essentially the same NVENC encoder as my RTX2070 as far as PD20 is concerned, probably similar benefit for you.

For such combo, AMD needs to be PD20's prime GPU, you can verify in PD20's "About" splash screen, and then make sure pref > Hardware Acceleration > Enable decode option is selected. Then set Nvidia as encoder on PD20's "Produce" page.

You also have AMD VCE encoding exposed to you if any options there were previously appealing to you.

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