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How to get rid of the annoying info boxes that pop up on Timeline
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Calhoun [Avatar]
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Hi all:
I'm pretty new on PD 18 so bear with me.
When workiing on the Timeline, little info boxes pop at the point of the cursor. They show the start/end time, blah, blah.
These get right in the way of the work where I can't see what I'm doing. How can this "feature" be turned off.
I've gone through Preferences and View and can't find any way to do it.

Thanks for replies
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You're right, they can't be turned off - but you will eventually learn to place/move your cursor so the pop-ups aren't in your way.

Notice that the pop-up always occurs below and to the right of where the cursor first makes contact with each timeline item. The pop-up stays fixed in that location until you move to another clip, and that works to your advantage.

If a pop-up shows up in an inconvenient place, simply move the cursor off the clip momentarily while moving it left or right so when you swing it over the clip again the pop-up is in a completely different location.

With a little practice, you'll do that instinctively (and hopefully almost subconsciously) so it won't affect your editing flow.
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