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Gear 360 batch processing in Action Director?
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How do you batch process files in Action Director? Or with a different app?

I want to be able to automate the stiching and production process to one action. For example,

I have 50 files, I want to import them from my camera, and then tell action director to stitch them all, and convert them to 50 individual files called "AtlanticCityVacationVRXXX" (xxx being the series number ranging from 001 to 050)..

I can get them all to stich in ActionDirector, but then i have to put them on a time line to produce them. and then they would all come out as a single file. Which is not what I want.

I just want my 50 files. I want to be able to drag them to my file list, highlight them all, and tell them, stictch and save each individual file. And then my folder with fifty stitched and renamed files popls up when its done.

I could do this with my Elecam's software.. But the stitching is different between the Elecam and the Gear 360..
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Quote How do you batch process files in Action Director? Or with a different app?

Are you talking about Action Director, the Android app, or Power Director, the Windows program (and the forum you posted in)?

Unfortunatley I have no experience with Action Director, but if you're looking to batch produce all your clips using PD, this post will show you how. You will need to manually make the edits for each clip first, however.
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Samsung Gear 360 ActionDirector is the OEM version of the ActionDirector software (different from the ActionDirector app). It's main purpose is to stitch 360 video into files that can be used in PowerDirector or other video editor projects. It comes with the Gear 360 camera.

The user posted the message in another forum, but if you do a search, the Gear 360 and ActionDirector threads are in this forum.

From what I remember, you must load all the files from your Samsung 360 camera into the Gear 360 ActionDirector software, and they will be auto stitched for you. I don't think ActionDirector has a batch produce option unfortunately.

Here is a user guide for the software for your reference:

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