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Is there a way to add blinking lights to a picture?
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pd_jon [Avatar]
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Hi guys, brand new to PowerDirector and trying to make an idea happen. In short, I have a skit where I need a static picture of a Google Home to "light up" (those with Google home will know what I'm talking about) when it talks in the movie. For example, I'll download a picture of a google home, import that into powerdirector, and then when it's talking in the movie I need the little red, green, blue and white lights to blink. Is that effect possible to recreate in PD?
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Have you looked in the "Particle Room" for something close? Many of these are able to be modified if you need to.

Also look at the "Director's Zone" there may be something there that you can use.

(Wish I could type better - sorry for typos)

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try like here:

instead the 2nd video put color board(s) and make it a little bit more transparent with using Opacity (PIP Designer>Object Settings>Opacity) or dont cut the first video at all

if now I understood correctly, what you want to do....

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Hello Jon,

I did something a bit similar you might find the technique adapable to what you want.

Firstly a screen shot of the timeline

And secondly the clip

The waterfall is on the top masked,

layer 1 is a PNG with a transparent 'hole'

layer 2 is the figure in another PNG

I made a mask for the waterfall in Ps used the mask designer in PD to move the waterfall under the mask 'hole' and saved it as a clip.

I used the same mask in Ps to make the additional layers and get them in register.

The 'switch on' crossfade is 1.1 to 1.5 seconds, you could reduce that to 0.5 to zero for your lights.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards - Jem
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