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PowerProducer 6 Issues
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jvinci971 [Avatar]
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So I downloaded PowerProducer 6 Ultra to burn some projects of mine to Blu-Ray, and have had nothing but issues since. I really need help from the experts here, here are the issues I'm having

  1. The motion menu is still there!!! I have changed the background image and music for the menu, but whenever I preview the menu, it still opens with this annoying motion intro and set music. How do I get rid of this?

2. My blu-rays won't burn. The project burns up until 25%, and then gets stuck and doesn't progress at all. It says it's creating and organizing folders but I could let it sit and do this for 2+ hours and still, no progress

I'm really irritated. I seriously spent $80 for this? This is by far the most bug infested program I've used from Cyberlink so far. It keeps crashing as well. I can work around that though. What I can't work around is this persistent motion menu and the fact that it freezes while burning discs. Please help!

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CLD [Avatar]
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1. I believe the motion in the menu cannot be removed. If you don't like, select another.

2. Burning Blu-rays takes a lot of computer resources. Make sure:

- all your computer drivers and firmware is up to date. Go to the manufacturer web sites to get the latest for each first.

- the drive where you have set your Working directory and Temporary directory folders has A LOT of free space. At least 100 GB as specified in the system requirements. You can update these directories in Project Preferences.

- you reboot your computer before starting the burning process. This will ensure more resources are available.

Blaming the software is very easy, but burning Blu-rays works well for most people. Most likely your computer or burning drive needs to be updated. Make sure your requirements exceed the recommended I shared with you.

If all that fails, then contact tech support:


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turtlkky [Avatar]
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I have experienced the same issues. So far I am over 10 hours into creating a simple DVD (with no complex menus or anything) using one of the prebuilt dvd templates. I purchased the media suite upgrade and although the upgrade had a much better pleasing look to the software from ver 4 to 6, the time it takes now to produce a dvd is horrible.

I have a very high end laptop workstation and evidently, the software is not compatible with nvidia graphics cards 950 on up. No matter what I try to force the program to run using the dedicated nvidia graphics card, the software will always default to the onboard intel graphics card. I cannot disable the onboard intel hd graphics as this is what run my laptop display.

My question is when will this software be made compatible and take use of nvidia graphics cards 950 on up?

I tried searching for an alternative dvd program. All of the 3rd party reviews said it was good buy but evidently it isn't and they are behind the times when a user actually gets to use it. I may be asking for a full refund of this software if these problems cannot be resolved soon.

Also, you cannot even contact tech support by phone directly to inquire about issues unless you buy a premium support plan for $30. You figure if you spent a few hundred dollars for software, some sort of human verbal contact would be provided initially free of charge. Cyberlink is a scheamer in disguise. When you think you are getting a full blown product with media suites, but after purchasing them, you find out that the some of the promised versions are not full versions of the suite packaged software. You still have to buy upgrades again to get full functionality of the products. Nowhere does it state this in the descriptions of the media suite packages. What a ripoff so far and a con. As of currently, the only way to get support is via a web page issue submittal form. I do not even know how long it will take to hear back or if I ever will. So far my confidence in cyberlink has deminished.

I am a very dissatisfied user. I would be happier if cyberlink can figure out how to allow all the programs to utilize the nvidia cards. So far, only colorgrader and photonow support nvidia cards. Very misleading guys!!!
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