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Green Screen of Death and MKV
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Jorel1114 [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Feb 10, 2016 11:31 Messages: 3 Offline
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I have an MKV file I'm trying to burn onto a BluRay with menus. I have PowerProducer 6, Windows 10 and a new Dell I got in December.

I've been able to burn other things onto BluRay with my new burner, an LG. I've burned BD25 ISOs for example.

I'm able to import the MKV file but anytime there is a preview screen, like in the editing area, all I see is green. If I preview the MKV I get audio but no video, just green. Same thing happens when I actually burn the file.

I've seen people posting about green screens in the past but haven't seen any real solutions to the issue.

It happens with any MKV file I have also, not just this particular one. Also tried an MTS1 file, same thing.
Richard [Avatar]
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Having same problem with windows 10 green screen with mpeg files. cyberlink have not been much help. keep giving me steps to take but no joy. I have eventually gone for windows 7 computer but wont accept key.
Love the software when it works but after sales service is well below par. Really need telephone link.
mow got 2 computers 10 and 7 and still cant use software.
received new key didnt work now awaiting reply. FED UP
Derek [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Apr 15, 2016 09:56 Messages: 1 Offline
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Me too. Purchased high end Alienware Dell laptop with Win 10 in order to convert old camcorder tapes and later Mov(Mpeg2) and Mov(H264) to DVD's.

Downloaded PP 6 yesterday 14 April 2016. With both types of Mov files, get the audio and an algae green screen on playback.

Hopefully, the tech guys at Cyberlink will see that there is an issue here that needs addressing and let us know what to do to sort it out. A quick post on here from them would be helpful.

Lars [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Sep 14, 2016 06:29 Messages: 1 Offline
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Is there any solution to the green screen on playback after capture from a VHS device?

i cant. find any support on this matter
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Hey there I know it may be too late but here is a video that solves the issue. Hope it helps.
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