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A forum outside of Cyperlink's control for leaving reviews
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Rondalee1 [Avatar]
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Is anyone aware of a site where someone can leave a review?

I have had it with their slow and inconclusive customer service. All they want is to nickel and dime everyone for a product we have all paid good money premium phone extended download of software you have already purchased. They are on my shi! list along with other corporate greed mongers. People need to know what kind of company they are dealing with before buying their product.
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Extended download service? Geez, I've NEVER paid for that because I've never purchased it. I have always felt it was MY responsibility to properly archive whatever I purchase and download, so that if I ever have to reinstall I can do so easily. If anyone cannot safely archive their downloads, well, they've always got the option of paying for an extended download service.

I'm not aware of any major software company which does NOT charge for premium phone support, but likewise, I've never needed it. Especially with such terrific user-to-user support forums such as this one.

If you are having a problem with the software, have you tried posting a question here to see if someone can help? There are a lot of really helpful and knowledgeable folks here (not me... I'm a beginner with video).

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
Salamand3r [Avatar]
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If it's a legitimate complaint, the BBB is a good place to visit. Otherwise, you can leave reviews on cnet, Newegg's product page, and most sites that do reviews have a user comment section. Heck, you've got some decent video editing software - use it to post a video review on Youtube or your service of choice.

Keep in mind that if people do not agree with your opinions, many of these venues are unmoderated, or at least lightly moderated - you will be flamed.

The advantage of a moderated forum like this one is that you can voice your concerns in a friendly, pleasant manner (mostly) without fear of emotional damage from trolls.

The community here seems great, and from the perusing that I have done since purchasing (quite satisfied so far, by the way) in these forums, I don't see any heavy handed banhammering or crazy censorship of people's legitimate issues.

Hope you get your issues settled, good luck.

Edit: If you have the patience for it, you could go to reddit as well.

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Never, under any circumstances, combine a laxative and sleeping pill on the same night.

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As a NEWBIE, my experience is limited but Support has responded to all my PD12 and 13 problems and experienced users on the forum have taken time to explain all other issues.

Giving the product a bad review might vent some steam and make you feel better but I doubt it will solve your problems.

If you think Cyberlink is bad - try Windows Support! Since DOS I have upgraded to every version of windows released to date hoping it would be better. Vista was the worst and now I'm hoping Win 10 might answer my prayers.

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