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Windows WP SP3 is probably a bit old fashioned for PowerDirector 11
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Gil75 [Avatar]
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Hi to everyone!
Sorry to input a matter that is maybe obvious to solve, but I'm a noob...

The software is rather user friendly (good point).

I edit mpeg files, create chapters. No problem.

The snag: When I choose create a file (not burn a disk) Windows crashes...

I guess my old system does not get along with this brand new software...

Joined is my system ( a short description ) for those who could be interested.

Best regards to all !


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James Dotson
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What type of movie files are you working with on the time line? My first guess would be that you need more system memory. What size is your hard drive and how much available space is on it? __________________________________
Gil75 [Avatar]
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Hi jaime_esque,

It is a 225 Mb vob file.
The capacity of the hard disk is 200 Go and it has 70 Go free space.
I checked I had enough free space before inserting the file. (I tried with two other files avi/wmv around the same volume )with the same conclusion).

[to say the truth, the first time I downloaded and installed PDR11 four days ago, it squeezed the free space to nought and added some PDR10(???) files to the PDR11. Bizarre.
I deinstalled the software, reinstalled it. No detected problem at the installation.
With the edition work, I could see in the task manager three files (motion manager, pdr11.exe and generat? grabbing the lion's share in memory (around 900 Mb!).]

I deinstalled again, checked msconfig and taskmanager to reduce the access of most files that are not necessary (PDR11 has the biggest access) opened the soft, created very quickly a few chapters and tried to save the result on my hard disk. No result this time but the famous blue screen...
Probably the memory?.

Well, there is nothing to write home about, it is a trial version and I'm not pretty sure latest softwares (from anyone) could smoothly work with XP nowadays.
I will simply wait a few months to move to W7 with a brand new computer and test again.
I will keep on working with something else until the move.

Thanks a lot for your support,


Poetry first, what else?
Gil75 [Avatar]
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Poetry first, what else?
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Welcome to the PD11 forum.

I think that memory is probably your main issue. PD11 likes to have 3 GB DDR2 or better of system RAM. The link to PD11 requirements is below:

I think you are wise to consider upgrading your computer if you want to get into serious video editing.

Have a great day.

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