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3d only shows one image. not 3d
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kjuhgjhgfcj [Avatar]
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hi there.
im having problems with 3d bluray playback on my pc.
i have a gt 440 gfx card
i5 processor
samsung ue40d7000 3dtv
cnnected via hdmi1.4
im trying to play despicable me 3d bluray

when i enable the 3d effect on powerdvd the image is not recognised as 3d by my pc. it shows as a single side of the image (one side of side by side so a flat 1080 image at 24hz) for the life of my i cannot get the 3d working.
any help would be much apreaciated
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I'm just throwing out some things. Did you/can you enable 3d or your graphics card. If so, does it recognize your TV?

Is it this blu-ray DVD or others also?

Have you run the BD and 3D advisor to see if your particular set up will work?

Do you have a 3D enable monitor rather than a TV to try it on? .
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peleus [Avatar]
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I think this is within the monitor. Can you please post the brand and model #?
Lee Pereira [Avatar]
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Are your drivers up to date ? For nVidia users there an app called 3DTV play that some people say fixes thier issues.

Also is it a 3D Blu ray disk or a SBS video file ?
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