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Audio transition problem
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asadov [Avatar]
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Quote: Ok, I think I know exactly what you need. Let me know if you don't fully understand and would like pictures.

Put your two clips in a track together. Apply an overlap audio transition. This should be doing what you want, except you didn't want the video fade.

Click on the right clip. Unlink video and audio.

Click on the video portion in the right clip. Drag the left side of the clip to the point where the transition ends. This will delete the video fade.

This will now give you a silence free audio fade from clip to clip with no video transition.

O.K. this may work (although I think that additional moves will be necessary to restore audio/video sync). However, it also involves multiple clicks and potentially dangerous (loss on audio/video sync) movement of un-linked video clip. Other editors (e.g. Ulead, Premier Pro) do this using one click.


Am I the only one PD12 user who wants to have this type of audio transition?

Is there any way to hear opinion from PD12 developers about this?

That is incorrect. There is no potential for movement of unlinked clips. Unless you do it wrong. You're not moving the video clip in relation to the audio. You're only changing which one starts playing first. You're only trimming the video.. not moving it. It literally took me 5 seconds to do this transition. If you're worried about accidentally getting the audio out of sync later on, just make sure to relink the audio and video afterwards.

Here.. I even made you a video real quick.

I agree - it works as you described. However, there are two issues:
Minor: "Central" point of audio transition is shifted to the left from the seam between videoclips. In other words, at the end of the left videoclip you hear full volume of audio that belongs to right clip.
Major: Right clip is shifted to the left by amount of time corresponding to the transition duration (you can see this at time=4sec of your YOUTUBE clip). As a result, if you have another clip after you right clip, there will be a gap between them that you have to eliminate (that what I meant by "additional movements" in my previous comment). Besides, you truncate the right videoclip by amount of time equal to the transition duration that can be a minor nuisance.

So, i suggest a modification of your method, free of the second drawback:
1) un-link right clip.
2) move audio portion of right clip to empty audio track.
3) Extend this audio-clip to the left by duration of transition.
4) Move audio-clip back to initial audio-track. Select "overwrite" in the pop-up window.
5) PD12 automatically inserts audio transition with "overlap" option.
6) Link audio and video tracks of the right clip.
As a result, right video-track is not moved; however, middle point of audio transition is still shifted to the left which can be a minor nuisance.

Again I would like to emphasize (hoping that PD12 developers will read this blog) that all these 6 steps could be programmed into convenient one-click transition option.
CJC [Avatar]
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Again, I still think you're off here.

1). Ok.. this is reasonable. However, this is easily fixed by.. also unlinking first clip and just put the two so the end/begin in the middle of the transition rather than the end. Same exact methods just do it your way instead.

2). the program automatically pulls later clips along with the 2 transitions. so no, you will not have a gap afterwards.

And shortening the video clip?? You're really starting to lose me. You want an overlapping audio transition without an overlapping video. You HAVE to shorten something! It can't magically produce material for you.

There's also no need to move things around to new tracks.

I really think you're going to far into this here, or simply not understanding. You've got a number of options in this thread, most of which take a few seconds to do. Once you get the hang of the program you'll realize they're actually quite simple to figure out.
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