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Error 0107 DVI & HDCP issue. Do I really need AnyDVD HD?
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Culip [Avatar]
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I'm using the latest PowerDVD 10 Mark II (10.0.2113.51). When I play a blu-ray disc, an error message with the number "0107" appears. Blu-ray Disc & 3D Advisor (v.2.0.3631.0) points out that the video connection type is "Digital (without HDCP) and BD Ready? is "No".

My system is:
- Video card: GeForce 9600GT (HDCP: Yes)
- Monitor: BenQ G2400WD (HDCP: Yes)
- Cable: DVI (single-link)
- Windows 7 (32bit)

and seems HDCP capable. I also tried SlySoft AnyDVD HD and then PowerDVD could playback a blu-ray video.

Now I have two questions:

Question 1: What's wrong with my system? Why not HDCP capable?
Question 2: If my system is HDCP capable, then how can I playback blu-ray discs without using AnyDVD HD?

Please advise. Thanks,
CyberLink-Michael [Avatar]
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your system seems not to be ready - as stated from the Advisor.

Please make sure to use the LATEST PDVD 10 - your version is outdated.
please make sure to have latest drivers from vendor installed (not driver by Windows Update)
Check you cables (use the ones that came with your Display)
From Spec I can only see that HDMI is HDCP compatible on you monitor - you may check with HDMI cable

You may post more info:


Technical Support

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LLOYD1985 [Avatar]
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To play Blu Ray's you need a Dual-DVI cable.

You should of had one come with your monitor.
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