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Which is my best recording format 1080i 50fps or 1080p 25 fps?
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Which is my best recording format 1080i 50fps or 1080p 25 fps? My camera is a Panasonic HDC-SD9. I’ve taken some video (in Spain, so I can’t just pop back and retake this scene on different settings!) where leaves in the trees appear to shimmer. I can reduce the shimmering by using the stabilizer – which I find has difficulty with items that are moving (and should be moving) within the scene. So I cure one and create another, with the stabilzer. Thanks Doctor Keo. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP1
Core i5
12.0GB RAM
nVidia Geforce Gt 520
500 g HDD
750 g HDD
HP DVD Rewriter
LG BD Rewriter
Video cam Panasonic HDC-SD9
fishycomics [Avatar]
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Are you shooting sports, fast motion, then Pal 50 fps, if you're just simply shooting pal 25fps. I probably sample before I do anything, and then decide what works bes.

I shoot all my footage ntsc60fps, whatever res 1280x720

make sure you edit andsee what works best??
Dafydd B [Avatar]
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Interlaced footage is reliant on the "frames" on either side of it to create a picture. It is also a carry over format from analogue television transmissions. Please Google and look up more details on interlaced footage.

I record to the maximum my computer can handle comfortably and which I can edit. I record in progressive mode and I do this because it produces the best "cut" and "merge" video. The frames are not reliant on any either side.

Where the occasion demands I opt for 60fps to capture a particular scene. In general 30fps at 1080p is my choice. however if I have cause I can video crop scenes to 720 (zoom) without noticeable TV loss of quality or for use in streaming.

The answer is of course, experiment and see what your PC can handle.

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