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Bought premium, downloaded it, but anytime I try to use it, it says I need to upgrade.
Confusal [Avatar]
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I want to make gifs out of short videos, and I want to use the auto select feature (I can use manual in the free version).

The program says that feature isn't in the free one, so I followed the links and paid. I got an invoice and receipt.

I downloaded and installed the suite through the cyberlink product manager. I can open photodirector through that, but it says it can't open a video file for some reason.

So, I try to open the video with photodirector and it works like the free one, but says I need to upgrade. Grrr. So, I click upgrade, and it tells me I can't upgrade because I already have it.


Additional oddities: my right click menu in windows has two identical lines for Cyberlink Photodirector but neither one is the full feature version I paid for.
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Hi Confusal -

It sounds like you're a bit tangled up there. Could you please just do a few basic checks to see what the problem might be.

Firstly, open PhD365 & click on the PhD icon in the top left corner. That will verify what version you're using. See the attached screenshot of the current PhD365 version.

Secondly, in Windows, go to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps & scroll down the list to CyberLink PhotoDirector 365. Are there multiple entries? or only one. The installed version will be noted in the list - mine states 15.0.1004.0, which is consistent with the info in the attached screenshot.

If there are multiple installations, it'd be a good idea to clean that up before proceeding. Uninstall & reinstall.

Once you have that sorted out, PhD365 will import videos & create GIFs just as you want it to.

Cheers - Tony

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