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I have conducted some experiments and have found that espresso does not appear to recognize files in excess of 1200 megabytes in size. I have got it to load and convert files of up to 1.04 gigabytes, and will do some more tests to see if I can find the breaking point.

Test results for Tivo conversions by Espresso

tivo set to high quality
71.2 megs (1 minute 40) - ok
667 megs (25 minutes) - ok
800 megs (30 minutes) - ok
1066 megs (40 minutes) - ok
1599 megs (60 minutes) - fail
3907 megs (150 minutes) - fail

tivo set to Best Quality
1266 megs (30 minutes) - fail
2239 megs (96 minutes) - fail

fail indicates espresso fails to recognize the file as a proper video file and displays a question mark when the file has been imported into the espresso workspace
yes I have Tivo desktop 2.7 which I use to transfer files from my tivo to my computer. It does not allow conversion of .tivo files. "Tivo desktop plus" gives you the ability to convert files (upgrade to plus is 25 bucks).

Corel DVD copy allows me to copy these tivo files to mpg or other formats, but it is very slow.

I was looking for a faster solution from espresso since it can leverage all the horsepower from my computer, and also from graphics cards.
I think I registered it (can't remember), and (as I recall) immediately afterward the program window appeared, but was non-responsive for a few minutes - then eventually the tool tips window appeared and a very slow animation ran.

I would suggest trying registering the program and see what happens.

I have espresso trial on vista 64 ultimate.

The first time I opened it, it was very slow to get to and past the tool tips video (like two minutes maybe).

It does not recognize tivo files on my machine (which is what I want it to do). It did crank through converting a divx avi to an mpeg2 using all 8 cores of my i7 at full speed.

Has anyone successfully converted .TiVo files with espresso?

Espresso never recognizes them as valid video files on my machine (Vista Ultimate 64).

I can convert between other file formats and espresso really hussles on these using all cores of my i7 at 97%..

But I mainly want it to convert files from my tivo recordings.

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