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Quote Yeah, this won't work if converted to MP4 file. You need to create a disc image file, and then mount the disc image in a video player like Powerdvd and then play it back.


yeah like i said it plays well on my pc but cant read or play on my tv or dvd player
I just want to know a method of copying the dvd on my usb and include all menus and chapters

i need it to play on any device

there has to be a solution for this

guys pls help me out

Is there any special usb i have to buy to make this work

my purpose of doing this is i dont want to carry so many cd's with me
insated put everything on a 64 bit usb or so
hi i have a dvd with menus and chapters and i want to copy the dvd on my usb and play it with menus and chapters
I copied all the files from the dvd onto my usb
It plays well on my computer but when i put the usb on my dvd player. It's not reading the files
I tried so many methods
like converting the files into mpg or mp4 -> but that just removes the menus and chapters

i would like to know from you
How to play a dvd with menus and chapters on a usb on any device(Pc and dvd player)
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