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Quote Hello,

You can try using the Grain effect and adjusting the settings, or one of the available templates in Scenery.

PhotoDirector Moderator


Thank you for your reply!

This won't solve my issue though.

I need to duplicate an option that is present in PS to convert a colour photo into a halftone image that can be used for photolith serigraphy printing.

This page describes the PS feature I am looking for where I can define the raster size, angle and dot-shape (sorry, it is in Spanish):

Is there a way to do that?

Kind regards
Good afternoon,

I am looking for an option to convert a greyshade image into a dithered image in photodirector. Is there a way to do that? It is such a basic thing, but Ican't seem to find it.

Kind regards
Quote Hello Astropilot1958,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

I'm afraid the only solution with PhD is a fair bit of painstaking work. However well light you green/blue screen is, PhD (in Background Removal) is bound to "miss bits", especially with hair & finer details.

All that can be done is to zoom in (the more the better) to manually fine tune the edges. In the example below, cleaning up that small section took quite a few minutes. Zoomed to 100% using brush sizes between 1 & 5.

It's doable with PhD, but using dedicated graphics software is likely to render better results more quickly.


Hello Pix,

Thank you for the quick and helpful reply! That is what I ended up doing. However, I see that you rmoved the green screen using the remove background under the guided tab. I used the magic wand under the select area menu on the edit tab. I saw in some tutorial videos that it is also done creating a mask layer and using the Black/white pencil tool.

Is there a preferred way for doing this, or do all techniques lead to similar results?

You mentioned dedicated software. Which software would that be for that purpose?

Kind regards
Good evening,

I am wondering what would be the best way to remove tiny lines of color that are left over after removing a blue screen background. I attach screenshot.

Kind regards
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