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I'm having the same problem of ghost images. Having worked with a number of layers of still images, some of those I have deleted are still appearing as ghost images on the timeline, even though there is no sign of them on the timeline itself - every track at that point is competely clear. Can't see any way of getting rid of these images.

Quote Hi Guys,

I think you need to supply some more information so that other members might be able to assist. What you are describing is not something that I can replicate or diagnose from your information.

As a starter, are you both using shadow files? If so, make sure they are fully generated or try without them.

A screen cap of your timeline and library might help the context of the issue.

Details of the workflow that gives rise to the issue and if it is easily and consistently replicated by a), b), or c).

Any particular file types or editing that seem to be a "common" feature.

Clearly it is not a widespread issue here on the forum but you need to give as much detail as possible, otherwise members can only read and then guess, which is perhaps why no-one's jumped in.


PowerDirector Moderator
Complete beginner to Photodirector. Can someone give me a step-by-step to do this? For a quiz, I want to show a series of photos with only the eyes showing. To start I have placed my first photo in Photodirector. I want to frame the eyes only, then remove all of rest of the picture so I only have the eyes. Then I want to save that eyes pic so I can export it to use in my quiz. I have no idea how to do this. Can someone help? Thanks.
No, I assure you I have been clicking 'Apply'. I'm going to experiment a bit more with the program today - I must be doing something wrong with the 'Save' process so I'll work on that.

On the issue of crashing, I'm beginning to wonder if it's because I'm trying to do loopback recording from the same computer I'm using for my output. On Audacity I find that if I do loopback I can't monitor the sound as I record it. When I looked at the instructions for Audio Director, I thought that the 'What you hear' option allows me to listen as I record, which I tried. It worked for a few seconds, then crashed, so I'm now wondering whether that is being caused by the recording being overloaded by the loopback. Perhaps I was wrong in interpreting the 'What you hear' function as giving me the ability to monitor as I record from the source within my computer. Could that be the problem? If so, is there any other way of monitoring loop-back recordings as they record and avoiding that problem?
I'm new to Audio Director, having migrated from Audacity. I have two big issues.

  1. I am making adjustments to the audio after recording, just simple things like fading and boosting. But whenever I save it, the adjustments don't save - I'm left with the original recording without adjustments. Please don't tell me I have to Produce (render) the project after every minor little adjustment - that would be too ridiculous.

2. Every other time I try to save, the program crashes ie I'm left with the little blue circle going round constantly and eventually I have to use Task Manager to quit, which leaves me having to start all over again.

I must be doing something wrong - please help.
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