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Thanks Dafydd

Sorry about the smartie pants bit

A couple or three questions for you smartie pants out there.

1...If I have, say, 2 hours of film, why doesn't it fit on a 4 hour DVD, the most that the DVD will take is just under the hour.

2...When I have produced my movie do I then put that into the time line to burn it to DVD.

3...What happens to my chapters they seem to vanish when I am ready for burning, even though I have locked them into place.

Oh dear I do hope you know what I'm talking about.
Many thanks
Me again
I have sorted it thankyou and sorry to bother you all
I have been using PD7 since May, I dont use it very much and do have quite a few questions but they can wait for another time.
I was working on my holiday movie this morning, closed PD and switch off PC because I went shopping, came home switched on double clicked PD7 everything as it should be then it "hangs" and a pop up appears asking if I want to send an error report, I click ok and PD7 closes, I try again and the same thing happens, what on earth have I done.
Thanks if you can help
Hi Dafydd
How could you be wrong. I understood all you said and with each lesson you give me I will simply get better and better.
1. Can you please tell me why do I loose my chapters when I burn to disc in PD7. they are there when I produce but when I go into menu maker they have vanished,

2. Also when I have finished producing do I then drag that into the time line before burning.

Silly questions I know but I have printed out every page of the instruction manual and followed what is says, but it doesnt say about what to do once you have produced your movie and where you put it,
if indeed you put it anywhere.
Is it better to burn discs with Power2go rather than in PowerDirector 7
Thanks for the advice Dafydd if you say its worth upgrading then I will
as long as you are around for all my moans and groans
chat soon
Your little video was great and I'm sure I can learn from it. Tell me....
When I watched your movements I noticed you never produced your little fish movie do you have to produce before you burn or can you skip that part...
One more question is it worth me upgrading to PD7?
Thanks for your help
Thanks for your reply Dafydd,
I tried again and suceeded. The first time I produced my movie I chose the DVX one thats when I got the error message 0 when I tried to burn to disc.
Tonight I produced it in MPEG 2? and it burned no problem.

I do have one question though...... I added 8 chapters to my movie but try as I might I could not get them to show when I was in the menu maker bit (is that what its called) can this be done or not?
I am a novice with this making movies lark, I have PD6 and I receive a burning error code 0 when I try to burn to disc what can it be please help.
Thank you
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