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Quote Very frustrating. I may have to concede failure in getting this to work.

In Audacity, I converted my audio file to WMA (version 2) Files (FFmpeg). I then imported that into PoerDirector and dropped it into the vacant audio track. I saved it and exported it.

I checked the Properties for this file, and even though it is just shy of 1MB file size at about :58sec, it is still a PDS file. It won't copy into my phone.

I know I'm doing a couple things wrong here. I have a couple earlier versions with different codecs in my phone now, but I believe the large file size is stopping it from uploading to IG. The recent video files are small, but won't copy into my phone, I think because theyre pds files.

A PDS file does not contain your video project. It just contains a list of actions that PD needs to take in order to edit your media files. (It used to be called an edit decision list, or EDL, back in the dark ages). In order to make a playable project, you must first produce it in PD using the Produce tab. I'm afraid I can't help you decide which format to choose for a Samsung phone, though....
Quote I can't conquer this and it's making me crazy. It ruins my videos and requires work-arounds to disguise it that aren't what I want to do and don't work that well.

When fading in or out on a light (sometimes dark) sky scene, I get this weird 'shimmer' thing. problem clip -- ten seconds on Vimeo and you have to watch closely. Also attached a screen shot here. Can someone please help?!?

Note: I render with LRTimelapse and the results are fine ... PD puts on the shimmer.

Sorry, I don't see it at 1080 resolution. But I don't get a fade at 5 seconds, just a jump from light to dark. After that it's too dark to see a shimmer.
Quote Booting in safe mode (admin) I can alter a background. sfc/scannow found no errors. I have never tried to do anything in the bios, except after I put a new added drive in my boot drive/order went haywire and I had to wait for the machine to find the OS every time I fired it up.. I found it difficult to even get into the bios. My friends and workmates think I am the neighborhood wiz, but I know better!

Wiz has several meanings...
Mine appears to be v2820, which is the patch released last year. A member recently posted that theirs is v2918. Is this a meaningful difference? Should I be concerned? Can one update without a patch?

Inquiring minds want to know...

P.S. That member did mention that theirs came pre-installed on a computer they purchased. Could this be the difference?
When I open PD and click on "Power Director" in the upper right corner, it shows the version and build...
I wouldn't be concerned. Just go ahead and purchase PD15. If you have problems or don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. After 30 days, no joy, but before that, no questions asked. I've returned one PD edition (to purchase another, but that wasn't even mentioned) that way and know of others who've done the same.
Quote I spent so much time on this darn screencap I just HAD to upload it.

That's worth at least a thousand words...thanks!
Quote Thank you Jeff. The email I got doesn't have the Muzerk download, unlike yours. I think they bundle the packages differently depending on which link you use to buy PD15. I did find out that you can still download the SmartSound installer and I verified it does indeed still work with PD15:

What does anyone else use for background music? Are there really good free and royalty-free sources online I should know about?

Try these, for starters!
As far as I know, although PD is used by some pros, it is not marketed as a professional solution, as is AVID. I don't know of any way within PD to extract portions of a clip and load them to the timeline...I think you must load the clip to the timeline, cut it, then delete the unwanted portions. At that point you could produce the remaining portion and import it separately to the media room, but I don't think this is what you want.

These are my thoughts...others may be able to provide more info.

Always good to back up computer, but the problem is that many people don't realize they must retain the email which has the product keys as well as the downloaded program files, even after they've been installed. Seems to me this should be in bold print on the first line of the emails from CL that provide the keys and program files.
Quote tomsac,

I received a reply from Cyberlink. They don't seem intested in fixing this. Here is the response I received:

QUOTE FROM Cyberlink support:

Dear Terrence,Thank you for writing back.In regards to your concern,I would inform you that as per the symptoms, the AVI video file which you are trying to import is specially encoded file and PowerDirector may not support the encoded AVI files.Therefore,I suggest you to transcode to some other format as a possible solution. You can use the below application/tool to convert the video file. NOTE :I Suggest you to use the best quality option to keep the quality of the video.

Thank You and Best Regards,


CyberLink Technical Support


I sent a link to them of this thread, and suggest that there isn't anything "specially coded." I told him that they should understand that there are other industry standards for AVI files that they should support. I concluded with this comment:

"Cyberlink advertises that it supports AVI files. Cyberlink must therefore improve the Power Director program to work with both Type 1 and Type 2 AVI files. If not, it must update its specs and advertising about Power Director's limitations on certain types of AVI files, so that potential customers will have a correct information when they make a purchase decision."

I'll let you know their response if I get one.


I think the problem is that you are dealing with technical support, who help with existing features. From their perspective, it seems like you are asking for enhanced capability. This should probably be sent to the "wish list" for future versions. Just my take...
Quote SVRT can only be aplied to video clips that are unaltered in any way.

Ahhh... so will having JUST a fade transition between clips nullify the ability to use SVRT? Or do the clips have to be just "jump cuts" between them? (Meaning, right next to each other but with no transistions?


And one more question: Any thoughts on why the rendering is still taking a pretty long time even with Hardware Acceleration and the GTX 960 card? It's a VERY simple video, just every clip has a minor color / sharpness adjustment that was created as a preset in color director.

Oh, and it is 4k footage that is produced as 1080p.

Until the experts weigh in: from what I've read on this forum, color adjustments take a lot of resources.
Quote No, the tracks are layered in the timeline and the track that is in the highest position lays on top of all others, so the uppermost track needs to be the PIP, and the one below it the full screen.
You are really close. But instead of trying to manipulate the two tracks that you have now, just add another track for the PIP.
I would take the track that is associated with camera1 let it remain as full screen and call that the 'base'.
Then above that put camera2, also full screen track and call that base2.
Then another track above that and call it PIP.
When you want camera2 in PIP on top of camera1 then you need to trim out a section of base2 and move it up into the PIP layer.
When you want camera1 in PIP then trim out a section from the base track and move it into the PIP track.
If you want multiple locations or different size options for the PIP then add additional tracks for each PIP location.

Hope this helps!

Pasta 514,

Rather than "trimming out" a section of track one or two, couldn't you just as well copy a section into the PIP (topmost) track? If so, it'd be easier to change your mind by just deleting it from the PIP track...just a thought.
I can't help with why you can't play the DVD on your player, but others on this forum will be able to. I can tell you that if you are burning a standard DVD (not BluRay), you'll never get the 4K quality you've seen elsewhere...standard DVD quality is 720 x 480, not high definition at all.

For whatever it's worth, I bought an upgrade from PD12 to PD14. After installing it, I realized I'd rather have the full installation, not just the download. I requested a refund and it was made without any questions...credited right back to my credit card. Be sure you request a refund within the 30 days, however, as the financial transactions are handled by a third party. Once the 30 days has passed, Cyberlink cannot generate a refund.
Quote Hi, Tony

To clarify reinforcing its manifestation follows another visualization of the bug

bug seen on "fit"

Incorrectly cropping the image set in the pan-zoom

Cheers 2017


Perhaps you should check "freeform" instead of "16:9"? By checking 16:9 you may be forcing a different crop...just something to try.
Quote Can anybody offer anything on this ? The transitions won't stay when I drag them to the area between the clips. I usually have to do it several times to get it to add, and sometimes it never adds. What is going on ?


There shouldn't be sny space between clips, they should be touching. Then drag the transition oner the "joint" between the two clips.
Expand the timeline and make sure there isn't an extremely small space between each of the clips on the timeline...just a thought.
Quote I used to have PD5 years ago. I liked the user friendly UI but disliked the occasional crashes.

I downloaded the trial a couple of days ago but ran into problems:

1) when trying to buy the licence for 55,90 I was redirected to a checkout with the value of my basket of 100+ USD

2) I contacted tech support and got a question (not an answer!) about 24 h later - I answered their question and still waiting for a reply more than 24 h later

3) constant freezes/crashes makes working impossible

During these two days I've experienced about 20 crashes. I've tried everything suggested in previous posts: updating drivers, removal of Quick time, closing PD and rich video from task manager. Nope... after a crash I need to restart my computer. In a way I'm glad support is slow - I won't waste my money on this software.

Please let me know if you ever find a solution for the freezes/crashes.

We are not Cyberlink, we are users like you, trying to help other users. If you post a dxdiag, others here may be able to help (instructions for this are at the top of the forum).
Quote Hi

I did think in the pasr I had some tools to remove noise and enhance audio but cannot find them in PD15 and certainly cannot afford audiodirector...

I have been using Capture inPD15 but the sound quality from my Surface pro is picking up some crackling... only a little bit... so how do i filter this out please

also the processor sometimes overheats and the fan kicks in... if Im recording voiceover when editing it picks up the noise of the fan... how do i avoid this please..



Many on this site who don't have Audio Director use the free download of Audacity, available here:


I like it because it is fairly intuitive and has good help available (in fact, the help window opens when you open the software).
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