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If this is the goal, then the most viable option is to have each of the 14 sections independent PD projects so the pds or produced file can be treated as "Titles" not "Chapters" in the menu system. Chapter selection will always play the selected chapter and then on to the next chapter until the end. With titles you can control the playback order, for instance "play all" can be used to meet your one long movie option or one can play the selected title and return to the title selection menu without playing the next title to meet your other need.

If you would create one project, you would have to use "Produce Range" to select off the 14 sections into produced files that could then be treated as "Titles" in the menu system. This can be a little tedious if you have several edit sessions in all 14 sections as you refine your video.


Thank you very much! I was hoping the individual projects would work to reduce the amount of work on each title. Not only will it work, it is the solution I need.
Hi, I'm working on a video for a very long vacation. The final video will be about two hours on DVD (probably Blu-Ray). I have portentially 14 chapters. Would it be better to build this as one huge project or build a project for each chapter and then combine all the projects into one project?

If multiple projects is the best approach, then is it possible to write them all to one DVD but have one menu that includes all 14 chapters without combining into one project?

Ideally I would like to be able to watch all 14 chapters as one long movie or select any given chapter and just watch it.

I'll probably be producing this as a 3D (true 3D from a 3D camera mixed with 2D content) and as a 2D only movie but I don't think that impacts the multiple chapters or multiple projects decision.

P.S. I'm using the 365 subscription version
I can write the BluRay discs in 3D and play them in 3D, no problem. Now I can write the movies to a flash drive and play them which is easier for me than the discs and more economical. I do take most of my movies with the FujiFilm W3, all of them in 3D. For pictures I use the option to take both 3D (mpo) and 2D (jpg). My "good" camera is a Sony SLT but as much as I like that camera, I use the 3D even more. I actually end up taking many of my pictures with both cameras!

I noticed some W3s on ebay at a more reasonable price. I'm temped to buy another one just in case mine quits working. But I also keep hoping a newer, better 3D camera will be released by someone. My only real issue with the W3 is that you can not zoom while taking a 3D movie. I try to anticipate the best overall zoom for the entire movie before starting to record.

The W3 is actually fairly rugged. I dropped it out of my shirt pocket and it feel about 2' to a tile floor. I got a small crack in the 3D screen but I patched it with silicone (repair cost was more than the camera). I also had problems with the zoom control sticking but I lubed it and it works fine again. Can't remember what I used.

I purchased a plastic version of Google Cardboard and I plan to try to play the movies in 3D on my Samsung S4 phone with the virtual reality goggles. I just haven't had time to search for an app but I think it should work.

Oh, I believe I read that 3D movies will play on a 3DS also. The screen is small but larger than the W3. People can watch 3D without special glasses. That is something else for the future.
Sorry for any confusion about BluRay capability on the disc player. Both the TV and BluRay players have Wi-Fi Internet connection. Both are up-to-date on firmware although no updates have been released in several years.

Today I tried 10 different Produce combinations on the SDHC card, including a format part way through the testing. In all cases the BluRay player displayed there was No Compatible Content on the SDHC Card. That seems to be a dead end.

The USB drive was a success. I had to choose h.264 AVC, MKV, Side by Side 1/2 width and both AVC 720x480/60i and AVC 720x576/24p worked. I believe the display was slightly better with the 720x576 but they were almost identical.

Side by side full width also played, but the picture was full width, but only 1/2 high, so it was very distorted.

I did not try all of the combinations directly in the TV but the ones I did try played but simply flashed pairs of images between totally black frames. I tried both Auto Detect settings on the TV. Probably some other Produce combinations would work but I don't need to figure that out.

One interesting side note. I could not delete any of the files with a MKV extension. Windows always said the file was in use by Internet Explorer. I opened Computer, opened the drive, single clicked the file, hit the Delete key, and always got the message on both the USB flash drive and the SD card. Non-MKV files deleted normally. I did not try immediately after a reboot so that might work but I have a feeling formatting the media is the only way to delete them.

Being able to use either BluRay disk, including 25 gig re-writable, or a USB flash drive revives my interest in producing 3D home slideshow movies (and 3D movies).

The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 has been discontinued and prices have gone up dramatically for any that are left, it is a great 3D camera. Anyone can take 3D pictures with any digital camera. Just take a picture, move the camera 3 inches to the side (either way but always go the same way), take the "same" picture again, and computer software can create a side by side or Anaglyph 3D image. Anything moving will be a problem but works good for landscapes. Try to include something close in the frame (8-10 feet). There are also cheap viewers for viewing the 3D images on a computer screen.

Thanks so much for all your help. It encouraged me to keep trying combinations until I found two that worked.
Thanks for your various suggestions and things to check. Good point about no DVD 3D. Power Director does seem to give that choice. Under Create Disc, 3D Disc, the choices are DVD Video, BluRay Disc, and AVCHD. I'll stay with BD discs for 3D if I have to use a disc. DVD player is Panasonic DMPBDT310. The TV is Panasonic TCP50GT30.

I'm starting with 3D pictures, importing them and dragging to the timeline. So there is no original frame rate but I will check that for when I'm working with movies because Power Director gives me a frame rate warning (says is is something like 29.9? but won't let me set it to 30 fps).

The original pictures are 16x9, 2560x1440 pixels. In the future I will be shooting at 3584x2016.

The DVD player has SD card Playable Content as MPEG2, AVCHD, JPEG, and MPO (3D still). So that is probably why the MKV failed on the SD card. For USB it allows DivX, MKV, JPEG, and MPO (3D still).

SD cards must be FAT32 but it does not support long file names. So I think I will be limited to 8 character file names.

While I know what this says, I have no ideas why it would be a limitation (or a work around) (it is not clear if this is for all media or just discs): It is not possible to playback AVCHD and MPEG2 video which have
been dragged and dropped, copied and pasted to the media.

The DVD player says that over HDMI (which I am using) it outputs 24p if the TV supports it. Otherwise it outputs at 60p.

I'm producing 16:9.

For 16:9 the TV can display 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. I can't find any spec for the frame rate.

Tomorrow I will try a USB MKV file. On the SDHC card I will use a short file name and I'll try AVCHD and MPEG-2.

Thanks to all!
This was my original "unfriendly" post:

My goal is to be able to play a 3D home movie on my Panasonic DMPBDT310 3D DVD Player and 3D Panasonic TCP50GT30 TV with the movie on a SD card or flash drive. Botht the DVD player and TV accept SD card and USB flash drive. It would work best for me to play the movie through the DVD Player as it outputs the audio through my Receiver.

The DVD Player says it plays video that are DivX files with extensions DIVX, divx, AVI, or avi and MKV format with extensions MKV or mkv. I would prefer to put the movie on a SD memory card or USB Flash Drive, with an actual BD disc my last choice. Since the movie is only 7 minutes, using a BD disc doesn't seem a good use for the disc and I would like to play the movie in 3D on my Samsun phone with virtual reality glasses, but this probably has a slightly different solution.

If I have to input directly to the TV that would be my second choice. It accepts:
SD-Video Files (SD-Video Standard Ver.1.3) Modified data with a PC may not be displayed correctly.
AVCHD Standard compatible filesModified data with a PC may not be displayed correctly.
MotionJPEG files (taken with LUMIX)
MP4 files (Video codec H.264
MKV files (Video codec H.264
MPEG-2 PS files
MPEG-2 TS files

I started with 3D pictures from a Fuji W3 3D camera. The pictures are .mpo format. I was able to use the PD13 Edit function to add a title, import the pictures, and add a music track. Basically this is a 3D slide show with music as a movie but I believe the same Produce/Device sequence should work when starting with 3D AVI movies from the Fuji W3 camera.

My next step is to Produce it in 3D.There are a lot of choices, but I have tried MPEG-2, Side-by-Side Half Width (L/R) 1920x1080/24p and AVC Side-by-Side Full Width AVC 720x480/60i. The output file has extension mpg or m2ts.

None of the Device selections, DV, HDV, HDD, Portable, Apple, Sony, or Microsoft seem appropriate and the ones I tried will not allow me to write to the SD card.
I tried copying the produced file, mp4 and m2ts files directly to the SD card as well as changing the extension to mp4 and avchd. The DVD player doesn't recognize any of the files. The TV recognizes the mp4 and avchd files but will not play them.

I can create a 3D BD disc that will play fine on the 3D DVD player and displays in great 3D on the TV, but how can I get that movie on a memory card or flash drive that will play on my DVD or TV?

Thanks for help on how to accomplish this!
Oops!!!! Not so easy. It did write the .mkv file on the SD card, but the DVD player said no playable content. The TV would not play it either. I'll investigate to try to determine the reason.

So I'm open to other suggestions.
The Shadowman solution worked. Thanks GGRussell for the suggestions.
Wow! So easy! Can't thank you enough!!!!
I tried to post here first. Something in the content I wrote wasn't acceptable. Maybe a special character in the file format descriptions. I don't know. It just said my post was unfriendly. ?????
I can produce a 3D move, side by side format, and write it to a BD disc and play it on my Panasonic 3D DVD and Panasonic 3D TV. Is there any way to write the 3D move to a SDHC card or flash drive in any of the formats below?

To play on my DVD player I need a DIVX format with a divx or avi extension or MKV format with a mkv extension.

To play on my TV I need AVCHD, MP4 (Video codec H.264), MKV (Video codec H.264), MPEG-2 PS or MPEG-2 TS format.

I'm using a Windows 7 64 bit system. I tried copying my produced files, m2ts and mpg files directly to the SDHC card, I also tried changing the extensions, but the DVD player wouldn't recognize any of the files and the AVCHD and MPG4 files with the changed extensions were recognized by the TV but wouldn't play.

Can this be done?

I tried to post a question on how to write a 3D movie file to a SD card or flash drive, but the system displays:


Error Detail

This page can't be displayed by security issue.
Maybe your request have unfriendly content.
Contact support for additional information.
The incident ID is: 388397722604165700
The session ID is: 434670516860658129

So I tried to send an email to customer support and I got a similar error. I don't know why. I'm veery frustrated because the only other choice is to pay for Premium Support just so I can post my question.

Can anyhone help?
Thanks for your suggestion. There are no gaps within a file. I put 10 video files together into one project. Some of the files were 2D .m2ts and some were 3D .AVI format. As an example of my problem, one of the 2D .m2ts videos was a little over 12 minutes long. That one video file was divided into many different scenes/clips such that when the 3D DVD is played, it frequently interrupts the movie by going to the Scene change menu (the 3 second scene changes that were inserted many times into the file). Therefore, instead of watching the 12 minute wedding file, it is divided into many short sequences. I just noticed each scene is almost exactly 20 seconds long. Maybe that is a default setting somewhere. The "Auto Scene Detection" is on the default "Do not detect scenes after capture", but I didn't find any setting for limiting scenes to 20 seconds.
Totally new and using Trial Version PowerDirector 10. I couldn't find an answer to this situation in Help or Forums. I produced my first movie with a mixture of 2D and 3D clips and burned it to DVD. Great start! Movie plays great in 3D on a Panasonic TV with clips from my Fuji W3 camera.

However, it divided most of my files into scenes where the movie goes through the 3 second scene transition. One 2 minute movie file divided into 35 scenes! Should I start over or is there a fix? If I start over, how can I keep each movie file as one clip/scene?

I read the combine and group forum comments between PD9 and PD10. When I grouped the scenes and played the movie it still did the automatically inserted scene transitions and it is very tedious to remove 50 or 60 scene transitions one by one.
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