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Well, I'm still using PMP14, whhich works fine. But I don't want the playlist to automatically start playing the next song. And I can't find where that might be an option I can control.

Can anyone help me out? I'm using it to play music for a musical rehearsal, and definitely don't want to automatically play.

Thanks! I have PD15 (still. have not found a compelling reason to upgrade).

Quote Yes. Depending on which version of PD you have, you'll want to select the clip and then click on the Duration button or the clock icon that appears above the timeline. In PD14, it's Duration:

Clicking on the "?" at the top right of the main window will bring up the Help file and you can search for "duration" or "trim" to see related options.
I'm stretching clips to match an audio track (the clips are still images). I need to stretch the edge of a clip a specific frame placement.\

Not knowing any better, I have resorted to using the mouse to try and drag the edge of the clip until the time matches what I want. This is generally almost impossible to do with any precision. I feel like there must be a way to somewhere key in the value I want the clip to stop at (or begin, for that matter). Using a mouse to achieve that accuracy is hopeless.

Can I do this via keyboard?

I am in need of some photo morphing software. This is part of a website I maintain for high school classmates, and in prep for our upcoming reunion, I want to provide photos that morph from their high school yearbook picture to a current picture. Regardless of how cruel that sounds, I did it for our reunion 10 years ago (using Shockwave Flash, though it was extremely time-consuming), and was quite popular. I want to upgrade the photos for this year's reunion, but figure 10 years of technological advancement should make the process painless.

I've looked around, and some packages seem like they'll work, but it's always a bit of a crapshoot. Then I remembered I actually own PhotoDirector, though I've never used it, and would need to reinstall. I am big believer in Cyberlink products (I use PowerDirector extensively), and it occurred to me that PhotoDirector might very well answer the call. I wanted to ask before going to trouble of installing (it requires getting download, etc).

So: does PhotoDirector have the capability of generating a web-deployable morphing animation?
Quote In order to get a meaningful answer you need to provide more information. Is the DVD a commercial one or one that you have produced yourself? At what stage in the editing process do you find that you have got no audio? In the media room, when you place the clip on the timeline or after you have produced it. If you place the clip on your timeline does anything show in the audio timeline?

Just discovered the problem, which was a weird cockpit error. Somehow the standard Realtek audio on my laptop had been replaced by another audio "device" (M-Star, which I don't recall having installed, so that's worrisome). If I had looked further, I'd have noticed I had NO audio anywhere.

Sorry about that.
Seems like this has worked before.

But when I imort VOB files from a DVD, I get no sound.

Quote Hi Chuck,

No CL pop-up ad here when viewing. I did get a pop-up for a Home Security company with a smal "Google Ads" in the corner. (I had Googled a few Home Security firms a few days ago). So I'm pretty sure this is a Youtube/Google issue in tracking your browsing habits and offering up ads to comport with your tracked browsing interests. The second time I opened your video, I got a pop-up for Firestone Tires.

I understand you being "really pissed", but as I didn't see any CL pop-up ad in your upload, I completely doubt that CL is the main culprit to be pissed at. wink

Hopefully others will chime in.


Still pissed, but not at Cyberlink.

It seems that, after years of not seeing ANY ads on my youtube videos, YouTube has decided to start inserting random ads. Perhaps others had seen this on their vids, but not me. Kind of annoying to see after all this time, but of course I realize it's a free service, and I have no moral or legal basis to complain. Stilll...

I had AdBlock running a while back, but that might have been on my desktop. I'll check.
This really sucks. Just posted a video of my band playing "Tangled Up in Blue". A fews seconds into the video, an ad for PowerDirector 15. This is an outrage. I never authorized this. I posted 4-5 other videos from the same gig today, none of them were diddled with in this way.

Really pissed.

Here's the video:
I DO have GeForce Experience. Uninstalling.
I'll uncheck Enable NVIDIA CUDA, but won't that slow things down, both in rendering and preview?
I have a project which is composed of 8 separate music videos, all created by PD, most PD14,a couple PD13.

The total time is significantly less than an hour, total space ~ 4000 out of 4700 MB.

EVERYTIME I try to Create Disc, PD14 crashes within seconds of starting the Authoring phase.

Same machine I've used for a couple of years.

Really making me frustrated, and I have no clue what happened. I must have sent 100 post crash messages to Cyberlink, but that seems to evoke absolutely no response.

There's nothing weird in the project. Each video segment is marked with a chaper, and there's a Fade transition to each successive video.

I realize I have not provided a plethora of info, but I got nothing else. Except a GRRRrrr feeling.

Suggestions for how to proceed?
I have an older version of Power 2 Go, and it won't even open the MP4 that PowerDirector 14 generated.

Before I upgrade to latest verison, I'd like to be assured that it will burn an MP4.

So... will it?
Wanna know something even weirder? I can download (as MP4) the same videos from youtube, AND THEY WORK FINE!
What's up with that?
This makes very little sense. I've added several PD-produced MWV files to a new project. When I place one on the time line and save the project, PD invariably crashes.

Why in the world would PD14 crash with the only media in the timeline is itself a video produced by PD14?
I am told that Cakewalk Sonar, another Windows only app, runs quite smoothly on the Macbook using the Apple Bootcamp partitiion (ie, running in supposedly native Windows mode, not a s/w emulation). The Macbook has the horsepower I think for PD (16 GB mem, 2.5 GHz i7, Intel Iris Pro grapfix), but would like to hear if anyone has actually tried this grand experiment.
(Just posted this I thought, but it never showed up on forum, so trying again)

My HP Pavilion just transmuted into a useless lump of silicon & plastic. Bad for me, but possibly a new opportunity for PD14, which I could NEVER get to run on the laptop. So, before I invest in a new machine, I would welcome suggestions as to what machine and configuration I need to properly run PD14. What hardware and how much of it? I thought my Pavilion was adequately endowed, but it froze up every time I ever tried to edit with PD.

Conversely, what are brands and processors I should avoid? The Cyberlink website only specifies "128 MB VGA VRAM or higher (1 GB or higher VRAM and OpenCL capable are recommended" for graphics, but maybe more is needed?

Replacement laptop needs to be acquired fairly quickly, so all suggestions are eagerly sought.
Well, PD14 may not have something extra, but when I ran it, all problems disappeared. I could even open the project that was crashing PD13. So I am again happily camping.
Ok. I screwed up. I upgraded my NLE desktop to Win10 AND I CAN'T GO BACK (too late; it's been a month).

So PD13 is practically unusable, at least on my HP. Molasses speed, crashes. The first project I started won't even reload. I mean, PD13 crashed, and I haven't been able to reload it since. I'm not talking auto-recover. I mean a version I had manually saved.

I downloaded NVIDIA drivers for Win10, hoping that might help. But no such luck. I'd revert to OEM Windows, but Win10 seems to have cut off that avenue.

My question is this: would PD14 be a stability improvement? I usually stay on top of latest upgrades, but didn't see anything in PD14 release notes that I thought I needed, functionality-wise. But if I thought it would definitely work better in Win10, it wold be worth it to me.
No blue screens, and I don't want t go to Mars. I just want PD to perform like the 64 bit NLE it was first advertised to be, and the primary reason I left Adobe Premiere Elements (ie, true 64 bit capability).

It doesn't blue screen, and the video drivers haven't changed either. PD13 itself slows down, hiccups a few times, then exits the program, and I get dialog asking if I want to report the problem to Cyberllink (I always do). The fact that it doesn't blue screen is, operationally, not much different than simply exiting the app. Well, I guess it's at least faster than rebooting.

I have taken to hitting CTRL+S every time before I try playing a video that I'm editing. Otherwise, I have a high likelihood of losing the edits.

Kinda sucks.
W.r.t. stability, etc, I just went back and looked at video I produced back in 2011 using whatever version of PD I had at that time. This was FOUR YEARS AGO, on the same machine, same OS. 6 continuous clips on screen the whole time. PD never faltered once, never crashed. This machine has plenty of memory (memory usage never climbs into anything over about 20%), but all 4 CPUs are certainly maxing out.

So Carl, although I admit no Windows system is 100% stable, given the same physical machine and the same OS, such a drastic reduction in stability seems most likely attributable to the one element that HAS changed: PD version.
Any idea when 14 is coming out? It may just be the numerology, but 13 has plagued me from the beginning with continuous mollasses performance and blowups. My hardware and OS (Win7) have remained the same.

If I work with multiple clips, it just goes into the toilet. If I've got 4 clips playing at the same time, it will sort of pause and burp and then blow up. I send up to 4 an hour of those "Report error to Cyberlink" messages. I don't think anyone is reading them.

13 is a bad number. Like hotels, CyberLink should have skipped it.

Give me stability or give me...! well, I can't think of an appropriate alternative.

Just give me stability. Please.
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