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Reverb issue - hotfix released.
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We have received the following from Cyberlink:
For AudioDirector 12/365 users who encountered the issue that the audio got severe noise after applying Reverb effect in AudioDirector’s Reverb adding tool, our engineering team has prepared a quick hotfix to let users resolve the issue.

For AudioDirector 12/365 users, do this to apply the hotfix:
Close AudioDirector if it has launched.
Download and extract the file
You will get 8 new program files for AudioDirector (after extracted the zip).
Go to the AudioDirector’s installation folder in the Windows File Explorer: C:\Program Files\CyberLink\AudioDirector12\Kernel\WaveKernel
Copy and paste the newly extracted 8 files to the above folder for file replacement.
Launch AudioDirector and check if the condition is resolved.
If the condition persists after applying the hotfix, please contact CyberLink support team for further assistance:

PowerDirector Moderator

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