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PowerDirector 20 Release and 365 New Features
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We are pleased to inform you that PowerDirector 20 has been released and is now available for purchase from the CyberLink website.

For 365 subscribers, you can update your PowerDirector to 20.0.2106 via the CyberLink Application Manager. To update to this version, launch the CyberLink Application Manager (CAM) program and then click the Install button next to PowerDirector on the APPS > My Programs tab.

If you do not have CAM installed, you can download it for free here:

New Features

Below is a list of some of the new features available in PowerDirector 20.
- Download videos and photos from Getty Images* for use in your projects.
- Transform videos by replacing the sky in them with the AI Sky Replacement tool.
- Use Smart Fit for Duration to auto remix audio in your projects to fit a specific duration.
- Spice up your videos with motion graphics PiP objects.
- Apply masks on title templates, particle objects, and shapes.
- Edit and produce videos in the 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio.
- Output videos in the Instagram popular 4:5 aspect ratio.
- Make original looking titles using gradient fills and borders.
- Add up to three borders on your title text.
- Create your shapes and callouts using one of the 21 new shape types.
- Remove low frequency wind noise in audio/video clips automatically with the Wind Removal feature.
- Improve the dialogue in your video and audio clips using the Speech Enhancement tool.
- Streamline overlay (PiP) and particle effect editing in the PiP Object/Particle Designer's Express mode.
- Use the auto object selection tool to automatically select primary objects in images in the Brush Mask Designer.
- Utilize the smart brush to auto select similar pixels when creating a brush mask in the Brush Mask Designer.
- Produce just a selected range of your project in the Produce window.
- Select any color on your computer's screen with the new color picker.
- Add the effects and templates you use most to the My Favorites tag for quicker access.
- Enhanced timeline and clips markers for even more precise editing.
- Use gradient color boards for more dynamic backgrounds in your videos.
- Create media library folders for better media management.

Note: * this feature is only available in the subscription versions of CyberLink PowerDirector.

You can view an overview of some of these features, and some of the UI and behavior changes you should know about, here:

PowerDirector 20 Version Table

Please check out the full PowerDirector 20 version table to see what features are available in each version:

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