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UHD Blu-ray & Blu-ray Disc FAQs and Suggestions
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This thread is a resource for common Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray Disc questions and issues faced by our users, and the related FAQs and suggestions. We will continue to add to it when necessary.

Blu-ray Discs

If facing playback issues with any Blu-ray Disc, the first thing you should do is ensure you have the latest version of PowerDVD installed. You can download the patch update here.

The second step is to go to your GPU manufacturer's website to download and install the latest driver. Yes, even if your PC is "brand new", the driver has most likely been updated since your card or PC was shipped. The most common issues users face are HDCP related issues. GPU driver update resolves most of them.

Third step is to check your connection. If your PC is connected to an external monitor or TV, the cable and the external device must both be firmly connected to one device only and HDCP compliant.

Ultra HD Blu-rays

The minimum system requirements for Ultra HD Blu-ray playback can be found here:

FYI, these system requirements are set by the Blu-ray Disc Association, not by CyberLink. You can quickly check if your current computer setup satifies the requirements by downloading and installing the Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor.

The following are some more helpful FAQs related to Ultra HD Blu-ray playback:

- What are the setup recommendations to build an Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback platform?

- I am receiving an error message with a five digit error code during Ultra HD Blu-ray movie playback. What can I do?

- What can I do if I still cannot successfully play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies even after my platform is verified as capable of playback by Ultra HD Blu-ray Advisor?
Please direct any sales or technical issues to CyberLink's customer support team:

Sales or installation related issues:

Software technical issues:
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