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PowerDirector for Mac section
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Maliek [Avatar]
Senior Contributor Private Message Location: San Antonio, Texas USA Joined: Nov 10, 2012 12:01 Messages: 652 Offline
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We are beginning to see questions on the PowerDirector for Mac version of the software. Because this is a different operating system and the issues and/or solutions may be different than the ones for the PC version of PowerDirector can a new section be added under the CyberLink Product Zone of the forum? Maybe a section called PowerDirector for Mac? Subscribe to PowerDirector University on YouTube.

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CyberLinkForum-Admin [Avatar]
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Hi Maliek,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have talked it over, but since PowerDirector for Mac will mostly catch up to PowerDirector for PC we are not sure there is a need for a separate forum. We don't currently have separate forums for PDR Android and iOS, or for PhotoDirector, so not sure it's required.

Lanhawk59 [Avatar]
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I personally would agree with Maliek that there should be a separate section for PD for Mac, as he stated there are unique issues with the software that do not appear on the Windows version. As you probably know the PD for Mac currently uses the Rosetta 2 emulator in order to work with the M1 chips. Apple has stated that the purpose of Rosetta 2 is to allow time for software companies like yourself to develop versions of the software that will fully utilize the M1 chip. Apple basically says the companies have 1 year to get their M1 versions out. This would imply that the PD for Mac will probably go through several different versions, to fix bugs, etc that the Windows version will not have to. For us Mac users it would be easier to locate fixes and helps faster by having a separate section.

Just my two cents.
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