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Slide Duration
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Has anyone come across an article suggesting the appropriate duration for slides based on the number of people in the slide? Just as you want to give folks enough time to read any text on a given slide, there must be suggested duration to allow people to recognize the number of people in a slide. For me, 3 seconds works for 3 people, 5 seconds for 6 to 7, and maybe 8 seconds for a large group.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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Hello Doug,

Welcome to the DirectorZone forum laughing

I'm not aware of any "rule of thumb" or best advice on this question. I'd suggest it probably depends on the audience/viewing situation & the purpose of the slideshow.

Typically, a presentation for educational/thought provoking (e.g. funeral) purposes might have a longer slide duration but if the purpose is entertainment (e.g. birthday party) slide duration would be shorter. That's the only general "rule" I follow.

There really cannot be a universal "rule" about your question. 3 seconds may be plenty of time for you, but too fast & confusing for a much older viewer.

Of course, there's always the Pause button! And the slideshow can be replayed.

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