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下載後解壓縮成功,也顯示說已套用. 但開啟程式卻沒有?
關機重開或程式關閉重啟都試過. 就是沒有看到?
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Hello veeling,

Welcome to the DirectorZone forum laughing

Google translation:

After downloading and unzipping successfully, it also shows that it is applied.
I tried both shutdown and restart or program shutdown and restart. Didn't you see it?

As far as I can see there are no issues installing that title template. Once installed, with your project set to 16:9 aspect ratio, it should appear in the Titles library under Downloaded or All.

Try installing the attached template & let us know what happens.


Google translation:

欢迎来到DirectorZone论坛 laughing

据我所知,安装该标题模板没有任何问题。 安装完成后,将项目设置为16:9的宽高比,它应出现在“标题”库中的“已下载”或“全部”下。

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