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Repeated installations on the same PC and license validation.
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HARIES [Avatar]
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I have an old DeskTop HP computer that works great with Windows 8.1.
The manufacturer of the computer sold it to me with the built-in product
Cyberlink Media Suite Version Whenever I use this software,
the advertisement for the new Media Suite 16 version appears. Okay!
Probably to upgrade to version 16, I'd have to buy it. Is that right?
I'd be willing to buy the new 16 Ultimate version anyway.
So, here's the scenario:
I install the new version 16 on the PC that has Windows 8.1.
(just to try it out and replace it with the previous one and do some experiments).
Then, most probably I would like to format the PC to clean it well and install Windows 10.
Then I would install Cyberlink Media Suite 16 again. Is the license I bought still valid?
I mean, when I buy and install your product with the license, this license is associated
with only to that PC (hardware reference of the machine, e.g. MAC address). Did I say right?
One last question: Is the Cyberlink Media Suite Ultimate license for life or not?
Thank you for your kind attention.
JL_JL [Avatar]
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Keep in mind, the Media Suite offerings are scaled back versions of the real product, if it fits your needs, great. Here is a comparison of the limited features for say PowerDirector part of Media Suite, look at the column on the right for features vs other PD products. Also keep in mind, PowerDirector is now at version 18 vs the 16 in your Media Suite 16 reference, 2yrs outdated and CL does not provide any updates, just continues to sell. Same is true for other products bundled in the Media Suite package so just verify products meet your needs.

The license for Media Suite 16 is perpetual, so it's yours to use. Reinstall after system upgrade is fine. Just make sure you keep all downloads to reinstall later, download links will become inactive.

Additionally, I'd verify compatibility of your older HP with WIN10, some HP drivers may not be available or supported.


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HARIES [Avatar]
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Okay, Jeff, you've been very clear and thorough. Thank you very much.
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