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IE compatibility and forum version question
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On this thread, a user reported that they were unable to see the verification code when starting a new topic on the forum using Internet Explorer 11. I see the same issue:

It doesn't matter if I turn on Compatibility Mode, add the website to the Trusted Sites list, lower the global security settings for the Internet Zone, enable Java, turn off Protected Mode, or manually enable all items under the Security tab. Nothing I've tried will get the captcha code to appear, so I'm wondering if I've simply missed something or if IE should be listed as an incompatible browser.

Also, at the bottom of each forum page is a link stating this is running Jforum 2.1.8, but the current version on SourceForge is 2.6.2. There's also a note there that the original JForum was at v2.1.9 and it is now obsolete, yet we're using an even earlier version.

Can someone in forum management comment on why the CL forums are still running code that's more than a decade old when much newer versions with many enhancements are freely available?


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We passed on your questions to the forum RD team. Will let you know what we find out.

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