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How to Cut Out a Section of a Photo
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Hi Everyone,

I decided to take the plunge into PhotoDirector and PowerDirector, and Wow what an experience so far. There's so much you can do!!

I need your help with something that I'm trying to do. I have a photo that I would like to take out a horizonal chunk in the middle and have the top half and lower half of the picture automatically compress together to form a new (smaller/shorter) picture after I complete the cut.

How on earth can you do that easily with 1 click?

For example, I have the latest version of Snag-It and this feature is called a "Cut-Out". You can cut out a section either vertically or horizontally by dragging a straight line they give you on the screen in the direction you want to make the cut. Very, very, very simple.

I have tried searching and clicked on almost every single possible thing in the Edit section of PhotoDirector, but it looks like this feature is not there, or I need to do it in several steps in order to achieve the effect.

For example, watch this video starting at 30 second mark for 6 seconds:
to see what I'm talking about.

Thank you!!
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Hello JimNJ,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

PhD cannot do what was shown in the Snagit tutorial, as you'd already have worked out.

It is possible to cut out a section of a photo, as show in the first steps of that tutorial. This is doable only in the Layers module, as far as I can determine.

The end result is a photo containing a transparent strip, or whichever area is selected.

I'd not used this feature before, so not completely familiar with it. I'll acquaint myself and do a screen capture if you wish.

PIX PhD CDR ADR DZ MVL PP Forum Moderator
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Thanks PIX for the reply!! It's nice to see a good Welcome and feedback, especially when someone is new to the forum laughing

It's too bad that PhotoDirector 9 cannot perform this easy function that Snag It is able to do. Maybe in a future release they will have this capability.

Yes please, any further information you can help to provide would be appreciated. Right now, my workaround is to import the picture into SnagIt, make the 2 second update and save it. Then I reimport it into PhD9 for further editing!

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