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Can my Laptop Handle HEVC + H.256
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jhigg135 [Avatar]
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I am a beginner to video editing (I have been using GoPro studios before upgrade to a new camera)

Short background of situation:

Bought GoPro Hero 7 and tried playing 4K @ 60 FPS on my computer. Nothing happened until I downloaded HVEC video extension. Playback is VERY choppy on every player except MPC-HC (x64) (runs very smooth, no issues). I have had the playback and laggy issues on every video editor I have downloaded also (goPro Quik, VSDC, DaVinci Resolve). I have been told (by GoPro helpdesk) that the problem is my computer (I dont have a 4000 intel graphics chip or something to that matter). If that is so, why can MPC-HC play HVEC + H.256 videos seemlessly?

So my question: Before I put money into a video editing software, will yours work for me or will I be stuck with the same issue with money spent? The free trial will not let me import or export these files for testing.

I have attached my DxDiag for my computer. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!
DxDiag Aliendware.txt
101 Kbytes
497 time(s)

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Hi, and thanks for posting your (critically important!) DxDiag results. I found a bunch of things to look into, but I have to give you the bad news first - this isn't the right computer if you want to work with HEVC/H.265 clips because neither of your laptop's 2 GPUs have the right hardware. Sorry!

You can still work with and produce HEVC clips, but all the work has to be done by your i7-6700HQ CPU.

As a comparison, this is how that stacks up against the 5-year-old CPU I just upgraded from, and I stayed away from HEVC because it was too slow to work with. I could edit and produce AVC/H.264 easily, but it was hard to work with 4k clips, and the combination of 4k and HEVC will just slow your laptop to a crawl.

If you'd still like to get your laptop up to date, which could possibly improve the smothness when watching 4k clips, I have some suggestions.

I can't tell if you ran this test on Dec 5 or May 12 (the date reads 12/5/2018), but either way you have quite a few things that are out of date and updating them should help with 4k viewing, but probably not editing.

The first is thatyou haven't updated Win10 to the Fall Creators' Update, and there are many, many changes with that new release. Make sure you have Windows Update turned on and check to see if there are any pending updates or a large number of any that have failed to install. If you have declined to update for a specific reason, please let us know.

You can also update the drivers for your Intel 530 GPU as well as the separate nVidia 970M, which is what you'd want to use when working with PD if you stick with this laptop. You should be able to get more recent drivers from Windows Update, otherwise try the Intel auto detect tool here, and nVidia's autodetect tool here.

All of these steps will get your laptop in better shape to play HEVC clips, but as I said at the beginning, you should look into a new computer if you really want to edit and produce 4k HEVC.
jhigg135 [Avatar]
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First of all, Thank you for taking the time to reply to this. I have been chasing my tail trying to figure out one thing works but the other does not. As for the updates, they have been installed and as you might suspect I only have crystal clear VIEWING capabilities on MPC-HC (still patching on all others) Taking your information, I tried promoting the Hardware Acceleration on my Intel GPU (not my gtx 970 even though being default) and editing is noticingly better. Granted, the process is slow as you mentioned it would be but I found that if I lowered the current project setting framerate I can tolerate the process. In the end, it is not 4K but do-able. I truly appreciate your insight, knowledge and time devoted toward my post. Thanks for clearing this long invested issue for me. Until I upgrade, its .264 for me. Thanks again!
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