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How do I edit background like this?
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penguin99 [Avatar]
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Hi there,

I am new here and new to video editing. Truth be told I am only interested in editing some family vacation video...but I want it to look pretty awesome.

I came across this video where they can (admitedly, with a photo), create layers for the background and make some pretty nifty adjustments to the different parts of the photo.

Here's the link to that video

My question is: is it possible to do this with video? If so, how?

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Hello penguin99,

Welcome to the DirectorZone forum laughing

That kind of photo manipulation cannot really be done in PowerDirector, even though images can be enhanced in the Fix/Enhance module.

PowerDirector also has a Blending module for videos where some great effects can be achieved.

The linked video was using PhotoShop. CyberLink's PhotoDirector is not PhotoShop, but it can be used to create some stunning effects with photos. PhD Ultra has a Layers module, where you can do similar (not the same) things with overlays. In PhD, you can also make regional adjustments using masks, as shown in the video you linked.

If your question is about video content, rather than photos, then both PowerDirector & ColorDirector could be used for effects, colour adjustment & grading.

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