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Error in Opening Cyberlink Power Director Project
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Charbel El-Hani [Avatar]
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Today I returned to two video projects I was working two weeks ago and could not open them. A message appears saying the files are missing. I did not make any change in the external HD I am using and the files doesn't seem to be corrupted.

Reading the postings here, two possible solutions appeared:
To change the allocation of the external HD (say, from F: to E. I did so and then I could retrieve part of my edited video pieces, but most of them appear just black.

To find the last autosave file. I couldn't find the path indicated here. In this computer I am using Windows 7 (since it came with Windows 8 but it was so awful that I downgraded to Windows 7).

Another solution is to pack the project materials. It is good but I didn't do it before. Now if I manage to open the project I will certainly do it.

Could someone help me on this?

It means losing 5 weeks of work....

tomasc [Avatar]
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Every time you plug in a new drive whether it is a usb flash, optical, or external hard drive, the drive letter will increase to the next one. If you change it and it is black now that could mean that you chose ignore instead of browse at the time.

You may need to change windows file attributes so that you can see hidden files so you can navigate to the autosave path assuming that you did not disable it.
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