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New forum needs
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JL_JL [Avatar]
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Fix the added line space from table BB code like here so users don't have to manually edit BB code to condense line space for a non line space table response like here: [url=][/url]

Last message locator appears very poor, appears to load first page of msg and then finally skips down for last msg. Overall forum response has been sluggish and rather non responsive at times.

Recent Topic page tends to loose already read highlight decolor of msgs and will often display all as read.

Fix msg response "Preview", it offers everything but WYSIWYG for which a "Preview" should do.

Downsample user defined Avatars to specification you indicate on Avatar form shown in pic, too many users dump a high res pic for Avatar and slows everything down for all.

I don't care at all for the new reply to post and the [quotePostId=xxxxxx] identifiers, old method of user name quotes much more handy to get quoted responses correct vs this new PostId approach. Using the new reply makes for very long posts that makes the real content easy to overlook at times.

I find the "in regards to" of no real value at the top of each msg, just a space occupier.

Add a in window active spell checker, many on the forum could benefit.

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Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the detailed feedback.

Some of these requests are already in the queue for RD, the others we will pass along to them. We'll try and get them in the phase 2 release.


Community Forum Team
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