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Captured File Formats - are they compatible between video editors
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EasterAZ99mba [Avatar]
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I used Pinnacle several years ago, and captured quite a few videos. Captured from Canon HD Video Camera. Used Pinnacle software and 1394 to capture to my hard drive. Each video was captured and about 4-5 files were created for each video that was captured, with different file extensions.

My question is, are these captured files compatible w/ PD13? Can i just use PD to open them directly from my HDD, and then edit them into a 'movie'? I guess put another way, will any video editor be able to edit captured video files - are they all the same, or does each video editor capture images in a proprietary way?

Or do i need to open these 'projects' in Pinnacle, and then create some sort of output file (AVI, MOV, etc), and then open that file with PD13 to actually edit the videos? If this is the case, will the file be treated the same as a captured video by PD13, with all of the same editing options available? Will there be a loss of the 'HD'?

Thanks for any help!

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