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Blu Ray burner advise
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bkp [Avatar]
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Hey Peeps,

I am looking to buy a bluray burner and would like advice. Would an external burner with a usb 3.0 be a good choice? Very few computers seems to come with internal BD burners. Also, any reccomendations on brands, either to get or to stay away from? Online reviews on the vendor sites are always a little suspect, but there seem to be some knowledgeable folks here.

1ndianCreek [Avatar]
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I've been using my newly purchased LG 16X Blu-Ray/DVD Writer, Super Multi Blue BH16, Compatable with all BD/DVD/CD formats, 16X BD-R Writing Speed, 3D Playback, Model BH16NS40. I've used it mainly for copying Blu-Ray movies to my own disks. I use 25GB disks. I have been able to get 5 movies on 1 - 25GB disk. This model has 2 burners in 1. It has the Blu-Ray burner and the DVD/CD burner.
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welcome to the forum.

I use memorex MRX-800LUV2 usb 3.0 external DvD/CD/Blu-Ray writer-reader with memorex 4x or 6x BD-R disc.

if the data or movie exceeds 23.6GB then it takes a crap. I keep it at <23.6GB, always.

yup, you guess it I use PowerDirector's Power2Go software.

happy rendering. 'no bridge too far'

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The Pioneer seems to be less picky about media and burns faster than the LG in my computer. The Pioneer shows BD-R DL 6X BD-RE DL 2X and the LG shows BD-R DL 12X BD-RE DL 2X Both under details so I'm not sure where you are looking.
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