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Confused How to Add 3 Completely Different Movies to One Blu_Ray
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My collection of individual movies is growing and I want to add more then one movie video to my menu when creating my blu-ray disc. When I use BDAV (For video recording), a button appears for each movie and I create chapters, etc, but I want to be able to do something similar and use the "fancier" menus. The menu page is always the same, i.e. the letters BDAV appear in the menu at the top and the 5 individual movie files appear beneath. I can change title names for each movie and create chapters for each movie and this will work, but I want to get real fancy.

I have about 5 family movies I want to put on one blu-ray, but when I use BDMV (Standard 2D with menu), what I get is image from the first movie (always the opening credits I have added to my movie), then added to first menu is the word SCENE. Each SCENE is really the the individual movies I have imported to be added my disc.

Other software I have used would show all 5 movies on the main menu page, then when I click on a button, that particular movie would begin playing. Can I have all 5 movies show up on the first menu page? Or does this program default to showing each movie as a SCENE when you have more then one movie?

If this doesnt make sense, let me know and I will re-edit and try to include pictures of what I am talking about.... KnarfOH
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I think what you need is a menu template which has at least 5 buttons on it.
You can download it from DirectorZone. Find "DVD Menus" from
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