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Stretch 4/3 to 16/9
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I have 960x720p videos i would like to stretch to 1280x720. When i select in the conversion settings 1280x720, the video output displays 1280x720 but it's still looking 4/3. How to stretch it to 16/9. It can be done in powerdirector but i want to use mediaespresso which support a true batch mode (pdirector batch is a project batch so as i have multiple files i don't want to have to create 1 project per file)
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I have run into this as well. I have placed 'backdrops' behind 4:3 material for now (I understand you don't want to do this, Flash) - and I understand a video application trying to keep the Aspect Ratio of the original source is being helpful, as stretching material is a non-optimal and even negative way of converting video for many - but the option somewhere, perhaps a checkbox or similar, for the user to change whether or not to keep the original Aspect Ratio or alter it, would be fantastic.


If I can make a suggestion, for Flash and others, for now: there are programs out there that will adjust the Properties/MetaData of a video file, allowing you to change the AR for playback (the Display Aspect Ratio, as opposed to the Pixel Aspect Ratio).
I realize this does not address the issue of 'one batch operation/conversion' for many people, but hopefully it will help a few people just looking to change the AR on a small number of videos, for now.

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