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POWERPRODUCER community templates page NEEDS HELP.
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Candy1971 [Avatar]
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Are you aware you have MULTIPLE uploads of the same templates throughout the community upload pages. You need someone to go through and delete the ones that are the same....... I also suggest you hire someone to monitor and help with these pages. If you have someone they are not doing their job........

Here are the problems:
1. Multiple uploads of the same templates
2. No search bar to hunt for templates you are looking from by keywords. (That means that those uploading onto the community pages need to choose keywords as well that can fit the templates they are sharing.)
3. Templates put in wrong categories (Example: from your drop down category bar you can find wedding templates in with your baby category.)
4. The names of the templates that others have upload are not very good either. Many just say DVD (or are in a language that one doesn't understand)
5. Better information at the top of the page to explain how one goes about adding templates they have made to the community pages.
6. LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT... have an active person monitoring for what is added so it is consistent and always up to date.

YOU REALLY WILL SEE YOU GET MORE PEOPLE BUYING YOUR PRODUCT IF ONE CAN SUCCESSFULLY PERSONALIZE THEIR DVD. Your ideal of having this community page where others share templates made was a good idea. Just needs to be tweaked so your product stands out from other products out there that offer the same thing.
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Hello Candy1971,

Welcome to the forum Perhaps you also noticed there's now a dedicated forum for DirectorZone issues & sharing

When you say "YOU" please understand that this is a user forum. We are members & don't represent CyberLink. These forum pages are monitored by administrators & moderators, but DirectorZone itself doesn't have the same "quality control".

Unfortunately, you are right! DirectorZone was established by CyberLink as a way members could share templates with each other. In itself, that's a great idea.

None of us has any control over what people upload. If someone chooses to upload the same template many times (perhaps to increase their upload count?) they can do that. You're right - it does look very "uncreative".

There is indeed a DirectorZone search bar in the top right corner. Of course, when users give their templates names like "Menu00001" and don't include useful tags, it's very difficult to find what you're after.

There is a dedicated team at CyberLink that looks after the whole DZ site. I'll make sure your valid concerns are passed onto them.


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