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How can I remove Movie Remix ?
koji [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Jun 26, 2008 04:13 Messages: 0 Offline
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I want to remove my Movie Remix.
How can I remove it ??
Aron [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Aug 11, 2008 02:45 Messages: 0 Offline
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Sorry, but MoovieLive does not support this function now.

However, this function (delete Movie Remix) has been included in our improving schedule and it will be workable in the next build of soon. Thank you.

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Yvonne Hsu [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Apr 02, 2008 03:21 Messages: 0 Offline
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Hey, we can remove remix now.
Pauls [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Jun 16, 2009 15:33 Messages: 1 Offline
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I too wish to disable or better still remove Movie remix & moovie live from PowerDVD. I have been a user since version 5, and these "features" are very disruptive to viewing my movies. It seems that Moovie live freezes powerdvd altogether sometimes. Please let me know how I shut these down.

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SantiagoDraco [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Feb 05, 2011 03:44 Messages: 0 Offline
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I'm also very frustrated by the inability to remove MoovieLive from PowerDVD 9. How is this accomplished? I purchased PowerDVD and do not want an ad supported product.

In addtion MoovieLive locks up PowerDVD and the PC itself at start for approximiately 5 seconds and every time you move back to the main screen. In short it is a HOG.

Moviebuff [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Oct 07, 2009 15:31 Messages: 34 Offline
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Perhaps Yvonne would be kind enough in advising us procedure required to remove movielive and remix.
Plenty of information in Google on this topic but no actual reference in doing this.
If some one has achieved this task, please share your know how. Suggestions will be most appreciated.
Virgil [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: May 24, 2011 22:21 Messages: 0 Offline
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I also am wanting to remove the moovie live splash screen from PowerDVD 9 ultra. If anyone would provide instructions on how to remove this I would appreciate it.
steve01s [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Jan 26, 2010 15:26 Messages: 1 Offline
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How do I remove Moovielive. It is causing delays and hangups, and I do not want it constently on my page. I do not want to mess with this all!
Jonathan [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Dec 20, 2009 13:39 Messages: 0 Offline
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There is a way to stop Movie live... I was desperate to remove this function because there was a picture of a naked woman in one of the top 5 movies that displays on the splash screen- not exactly family friendly stuff. I was seriously thinking about removing this program all together and buying another one and just taking the lost. Anyway- you can stop both the addware and the movie live data by going under your start menu (of your computer) and typing "fire" . It will offer a few suggestions... choose "windows firewall with advance security" Under outbound rules--> New rule (it's on the right side at the top)-->choose program---> this program path--->click browse and in your computer hard drive (probably C drive)---> program files ---> cyberlink--->powerdvd10 (or your version)--->powerdvd10.exe (or your version)---> next---> choose block the connection at bottom (next)---> check domain, private, and public (next)---> give it any name you with----> finish

Good luck! :
hokan5on5 [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Nov 14, 2010 02:50 Messages: 1 Offline
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Thanks fischer to you and everyone else who takes the time to write easy well written solutions to annoying problems. Like being forced to watch addware even after paying $100 for a program. I hope I did not make a mistake by doing business with cyberlink.
However by not editting solutions and responses I can feel somewhat reassured.
Jamie [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Dec 13, 2010 21:00 Messages: 0 Offline
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I think MovieLive are getting better. As I know there used to has some bad contents. But they are improved now. I think MoovieLive is not a adware. It just a service they want to provide to the users and let user know more about the movie you are playing. To let user share comment and their feelings after watched. Even you can make firends with others that might have the same movie taste.
paul [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Feb 07, 2011 12:20 Messages: 2 Offline
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I think Jamie and Mr Q are one and the same person, ie MoovieLive Admin!
They speak in the same manner,ie English was not their first language and they are actually Praising MoovieLive!! whats to praise? Its a misleading pile of S%*T!!!
paul [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Feb 07, 2011 12:20 Messages: 2 Offline
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By the way Thanks A Mill Fischer4!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm outa here........
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