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How do I create a simple Blank DVD with Menu's??? Is it that hard really?
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So I have been chosen to create a training video for my GF's company. I have 3 short training videos that I have to incorporate in the final product with a VERY simple Menu at the beginning where I can choose which training section to watch. And then after each video it should go back to the title to where I can pick another video. BUT....

After 3 hours now of trying to do a simple BASIC setup with black backgrounds and white text with buttons for each video (GENERAIC) I've found that it is impossible, or so I think.

Every time I "Create Disc" its putting these backgrounds on the menu that I do not want and cannot change for the life of me.
THEN... its seperating my clips into 2 different selection menus when all I want is everything on 1 screen.

Ive searched numerous web pages for tutorials, and help with just creating a SIMPLE MOST BASIC GENERIC DVD and cannot for the life of me find it. Seems everyone just wants to teach how to put all this other outrageous crap in, and noone can explain the very basic concept.

and WHY does this app insist on putting things in that I do not want.

Apologies for being very frustrated, but I need answers. This really shouldnt be this hard. This Power Director 12 was supposed to be the best of the best and rated the easiest app to create DVD's??? come on... If it was that easy I wouldnt be here.

Someone please help. If I can figure the basics out, everything else will be a breeze..

Thanks in advance

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